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In-home care is more affordable than you think
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As you investigate the different options available to you, you want to choose the type of care that fits your needs. One of the first things on your mind is how your care decisions will affect your bank account. You are not alone; many people searching for care are apprehensive about the potential financial burden of paying for long-term care. What will home care cost for you? It may be more affordable than you think.

The Average Cost of Care
The cost of non-medical home care varies depending on where you live and the amount of care you will need. The best way to budget for home care is to determine the number of hours you will need per week. Feel free to take our free online home care needs estimator to evaluate your needs and the number of hours you may need.
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According to the “Cost of Care Survey - 2019,” an annual report by Genworth, in-home care can cost less than other options like adult daycare, assisted living and skilled nursing. The cost of home care will vary depending on the type of care someone needs and where they are located in the US.

Proactive Home Care to Maintain Independence at Home
Obviously, home care is a much more desirable and affordable option. While being able to remain in your own home and get the undivided attention of a single caregiver makes in-home care the best option for many. Home care can minimize accidents and injuries that lead to hospital stays and visits to the doctor. As SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers help with activities of daily living, they promote healthier habits such as daily movement, social engagement, healthy eating habits and proper hygiene. With a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver by their side potential accidents and falls will be minimized, and having a steady hand helps many seniors be more sure on their feet.

Our caregivers help keep track of prescriptions and can take your loved ones to and from doctor appointments. Medication reminders given by a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver can prevent our clients from forgetting to take their medication or overdosing, both of which can lead to more serious health concerns.

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to provide services that improve the quality of our clients' lives and allows people to maintain their independence, in the home they love.

What assisted living facilities
do not want you to know

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If you’re researching nursing homes and assisted care facilities, just remember this: with in-home care, your loved one has one-on-one care; they’re not sharing one caregiver with eight other patients. That said, if your loved one does not need medical care, just getting around help, in-home care is the affordable option.

Yep, we didn’t tell you what in-home care costs, and that’s what you really wanted to learn. We took you all the way here so that you would understand the variables associated with any care costs, particularly in-home care costs. Your loved one may begin with two or three hours daily. It’s easy to calculate the weekly cost, once you learn the hourly rate for the level of care needed. No hidden costs. Straight forward. SYNERGY HomeCare is very competitive in the Dulles area and we have a number of options available to address levels of care and budget

While you know your aging parent wants to remain in their own home, in-home care makes it possible, as you can increase or decrease the number of hours needed based upon what is going on in their life. If you’re taking your mom on a two-week vacation, there’s no cost involved; you simply resume home care when you return. An assisted living facility or nursing home would charge you if you were there or not—and you can bet it costs much more than home care. No contracts, ever.

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