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Meet Sherrif Sambou, owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Everett


Sheriff has an interesting story that beautifully blends his inherent cultural gift of caring for others with his dual college degrees of nursing and economics into reaching his goal of owning a home care agency.

From Africa to the US

Sheriff grew up in Africa where he earned his nursing degree directly after high school graduation.

He struggled a bit with the decision to become a nurse because he also had an affinity for economics. While you might think these two disciplines are polar opposites, continue reading to learn the opportunities that led them to pair into a fruitful alignment for Sheriff.

His story began after graduating from nursing school and traveling to the U.S. where he applied to become a registered nurse. He absolutely loved being a nurse and caring for others. You can imagine his elation when he was accepted as a licensed nurse in the U.S. 

The RN entrepreneur

During his job search, he saw an opportunity (think economics degree) and opened his first business—a travel agency that catered to agencies that employed traveling nurses. His economics brain told him that while marketing his travel agency, he could also learn where nursing jobs were, hoping to land one soon which he did but not at an agency—as a critical care nurse at a local hospital. Unfortunately, when the economy crashed in 2008, he had to pause the travel agency.

When 2010 rolled around and the economy was beginning to recover, still employed by the hospital, he reopened the travel agency and decided to return to contract work.  

In 2011, he decided to open a CNA training school. The school allowed him to continue helping in the health care industry while also connecting him to many hospitals, staffing agencies, etc., that were looking for CNAs to hire. It was another way for friendly Sheriff to meet more people in the industry and who just might have a lead on a job for him!

Home care when and how you need it, wherever you call home

Fast forward to today and he now owns and operates a travel agency that caters to nurses, a CNA school to create compassionate and capable CNAs and a home care agency to provide compassionate care. Sheriff is probably one of the most connected people in health care in Everette, WA. He knows where the jobs are, he knows the staffing agents and many hospital discharge managers.  Sheriff manages all of this and keeps his shifts at the hospital to ensure he remains vital in the community.

As a man who follows his heart, lives his passions and is committed to helping others, he operates SYNERGY HomeCare of Everett by the mantra, “To bring wholehearted, life-energizing care to as many people as possible—on their own terms, in their own homes, no matter their situations.” 

SYNERGY HomeCare of Everett knows individual people have individual needs

What they do:

They listen and ask questions. That’s the best way to learn how to impact an individual’s life. That’s how they do it. And that’s why they are recognized as an organization that shows an unwavering commitment to understanding people’s needs and providing the care option that best adapts to those needs. This is how they keep you and your life moving forward by being intuitively personal.

How they do it:

  • They approach every encounter with compassion, personality and positive energy.
  • They inspire others through words.
  • They are curious. They ask questions and listen to what’s unspoken.
  • They help you set goals. They make you feel as though they are walking with you on your care journey.


Life moves in one direction – forward. No matter your circumstances, SYNERGY HomeCare of Everette steps in with effective, comforting, life-affirming care that moves people emotionally and physically forward, from personal assistance and companionship to live-in and even family caregiver respite. They provide full support for fuller lives. Ultimately, they create a feeling of forward momentum, not just in lives but also in the home care industry.

Whether you’re a high-octane octogenarian who just needs a hand, someone confined to bed who needs a little more help, or a person dealing with lifelong disabilities who needs someone to walk beside them on their journey, they’re here to care with whole hearts and open arms.

They know you have questions. And they have answers. When the time is right for you, they would be honored to speak with you. They listen!