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When you are a family caregiver looking for help caring for the emotional and physical well being of someone you love, there are a lot of unknowns. Does this agency understand the challenges of an Alzheimer's or dementia patient? Will this agency understand my specific needs – the needs of my senior parent?

We've found the best advice comes from people who have been through what you are going through. That's why we're sharing these real-life testimonials from people who have experienced the compassion and care SYNERGY HomeCare can provide. At the very least, knowing that others have been in your shoes can be an enormous comfort.

Testimonial | SYNERGY HomeCare of Central Illinois

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If you've already found help with SYNERGY HomeCare, we encourage you to share your story with others who may be experiencing the worry and doubt that you faced when first considering in-home care for your parent or family member of any age. Send us your story so that we can show them they are not alone!


From: , WI
Care Provided By:

SYNERGY HomeCare is the best company we looked at.


From: , WI
Care Provided By:

SYNERGY HomeCare makes my life easier by allowing me to do what I need to do without worrying about my husband.

Bruce L

From: Cheyenne, WY
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Cheyenne

SYNERGY HomeCare did an excellent job caring for my mother, during the last six months of her life. Her wish was to remain at home and SYNERGY HomeCare allowed this to happen. Three things in particular stand out: 1. Caregivers were will qualified and established excellent relationships with Mom. 2. Communications with Jeff and his staff was always good. Whenever a concern came up, he was aware and in touch with family and staff. 3. Scheduling on short notice was always accommodated as Mom's family came and went to Cheyenne. Our gratitude goes out to Jeff and the SYNERGY HomeCare staff for assisting our family during a difficult time.

Becky B.

From: Hartland, WI
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Germantown

My father, who is in his late 70's was diagnosed with dementia about a year ago. He has been on a steady decline and has recently been re-evaluated and told he is now in the moderate stages. The physicians recommended we either have in-home care or put him in an assisted living home. His licence was taken away which was devastating for him since now he is home-bound. We talked about assisted living options with him. This was one of the most difficult conversations we've ever had to have with my dad. He became very upset, depressed and flat out refused to leave his home. He refused to even visit homes with us. We could understand completely where he was coming from since we did not want that for him either. The more we discussed it and tried to make him understand things, the more confused and upset he became. We dropped the subject and took the social worker's advise to call an in-home care giver. She recommended Synergy. I called Mark and told him a bit about my father & what duties we would expect from them. After a brief conversation to determine if this was something they could do , Marc scheduled an evaluation. We decided to start care right away. At first, my dad was confused as to who these people were that kept coming to his house. After time, he started getting used to them, but did not remember them coming over. When I asked him about the visits, he would tell me no one was there. I would call Marc who assured me that someone actually did visit.Marc gave me the Synergy website and had the caregivers write twice daily updates for us to read. I cannot explain how much of a help & relief this was to me. I live two hours away from my dad & I had no idea if someone was there or how things were going. This is literally my life line to my dad. Each day, the care givers write updates on my dad's mood, the things they did together, what they bought at the grocery store, what he ate, medication updates, if any visitors were there, updates on his hygiene and any cleaning they did. I cannot ask my dad any of this because he does not remember much of anything. Now, my dad somehow knows what time his visitors come (I think he writes it on his calendar) and waits at the door for them. There is a particular care giver, Amy-Sue, that he feels very comfortable with. It's important to us that the same few people visit & Marc has arranged that. Synergy has allowed my dad to stay in his home which is invaluable to us and to him. They've provided affordable, quality care giving for my dad. I really cannot think of anything more important in his life than being able to stay at home right now.

Jacqueline U.

From: West Bloomfield, MI
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Oakland Co.

Synergy HomeCare is an amazing service! I have been using care givers from Synergy to care for my 8 year old special needs son and my 6 year old daughter for a year. My children LOVE the care givers that Synergy has sent to us. I have so much trust and respect for the care givers that when I travel for work, I can 100% focus on accomplishing what's in front of me versus having anxiety about what's going on at home. They are professional, communication is open, they always follow direction thoroughly, they are PROMPT and flexible. My kids love them because they are attentive, friendly, consistent, caring and can play all the games on the Wii. I've had a care giver for my kids all of their life and know how hard it can be to find someone that has all of the right qualities. Finding Synergy has truly been a blessing for me and my kids and I am thankful.

Joanie K

From: Westford, MA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of North Central MA

I can’t thank you enough for the exceptional care you all showed for my Mom.  I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my family and to let you know how much our family appreciates you and your team of caregivers.  I would definitely recommend Synergy to anyone.  With all sincerity,

Kristin M.

From: Shrewsbury, NJ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of New Jersey

I want to begin by saying a great big thank you to John and Joel for all their continued support and dedication to me and my family! Over the past two years my grandparents living situation has significantly deteriorated and they are unable to take care of themselves. My grandmother is physically ill and is in bed the majority of the time and my grandfather has Alzheimer's which is getting worse every day. I had tried many home care companies, but dealing with the inexperienced caregivers and the office staff was at times unbearable. I was beginning to think I was running out of options, and my life was going to consist of me driving back and forth to my grandparent's house at a minimum of 3 times a day while working and caring for my own family. Then a colleague of mine told me how great Synergy HomeCare of NJ in Shrewsbury was and I called immediately. The office staff was delightful to speak with and very helpful in giving me all the information I needed to get started. The very next day John and Joel came right to my grandparent's home and met the family. Their energetic personalities, nurturing ways, and business ethics are phenomenal and they quickly put my mind at ease as well as my grandmothers (which is a very hard thing to do). We went from having a caregiver come in just a few hours a day to now having a live in. Although it was a necessity - the adjustment of having someone living in their home was very hard for my grandparents. John personally made many visits and phone calls to my grandparents to help them get adjusted each step of the way. Thanks to Synergy not only do I have the peace of mind that my grandparents are being well taken care of by a highly qualified caregiver, but I finally have some of my own life back again. I truly cannot thank John and Joel enough for all that they have done for my family so far and I look forward to continuing to work with them! I would highly recommend them to any family in need of exceptional care!!

Louise P

From: Hartland, WI
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Germantown

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank SYNERGY HomeCare for the help and compassion we received. I only wish we had used your services sooner. Amy-Sue was so good with Pete and we bonded immediately. I'm happy to recommend your service.

James C.

From: Birmingham, AL
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Birmingham

Lakesha comes in and does what she needs to do. I don't have to ask for her help and she is very good to my husband. Lakesha also cares about our welfare. We would almost have to leave Synergy if they took Lakesha away from us.

Jane & David C.

From: Indian Springs, AL
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Alabama

David and I want to thank you for the wonderful support and care you and Laura and your caregivers have given my dad - and out whole family. The fall that made my dad suddenly unable to live by himself required many emotional as well physical adjustments for our family, and you helped with all of those. You met our needs those first few weeks by sending truly exceptional caregivers to be with him, round the clock, when he was in the hospital at UAB, then the inpatient at Lakeshore Rehab Hospital, and then at our home. Again and again, we were impressed by the kindness and professionalism of every caregiver you sent. And your desire personally to introduce every new caregiver to my dad when he was in the most fragile state was really touching. In addition, you responded graciously - in fact, heroically! -- to our constantly changing needs. One morning we would think my dad would be leaving the hospital, and then three hours later the plan would change - and you would adjust to the new arrangement so calmly and positively. One other thing especially appreciate is your willingness to send the very best caregivers for my dad, although you knew he was, for fiscal reasons, unlikely to be a long-term client. You've continued to meet his sporadic needs for home health care workers by sending really the nicest, most committed people. Interestingly, several of the caregivers have told me, although they've worked for a variety of health care companies over the years, they've been happiest working with Synergy. The reasons several have given are the you and Laura are both committed and personally involved - and that all the other Synergy caregivers they occasionally meet and interact with are hardworking, kind and committed. Being in the midst of people motivated to do their best must be motivating to everyone. Well, thanks for everything. we'll continue to call you intermittently when we need help for my Dad, and we'll feel good knowing the kind of people you'll send.

Harold W.

From: Birmingham, AL
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Birmingham

The caregiver does everything. We don't have to tell her to do anything, she just does it. She takes care of my husband and does what she is supposed to with him.

Charlotte W.

From: Birmingham, AL
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Birmingham

She is very dependable and kind-hearted, and she really cares about my mother.

Lana T.

From: Pelham, AL
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Alabama

I want to take this opportunity to commend Synergy for the outstanding service you provided my family during a time of intense need. I am very pleased that the Veterans Administration chose your company to send professional home care providers to help my father, James after my mother received a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer. My mother and I both needed respite care from dealing with James' dementia/Alzheimer's issues in order to deal with her health problems and all the other issues surrounding care giving for two 82year old people in their decline. I was so pleased with our very first sitter, Ilyasa C. She was wonderful and I so much appreciated how involved you and your staff were to make sure we received the appropriate level of service and care. At the moment, I cannot recall the second sitter's name, but she, too, we a delight to work with, I liked how smooth and efficient you were when schedules or needs changed. You make it very easy to partner with you in taking care of James, especially when I was to involved in taking care of my mother, Naomi. In my opinion, your caregivers when over and beyond the call of duty. They became like an extension of our family during a time when we had only two family members in the area and desperately needed help. I am very pleased that the VA chose you as a provider. I want not only to acknowledge your exceptional, high quality service, but also to volunteer to be a reference should you ever needs one. Thank our for your dedication and quality of service.

Char're W.

From: Markham, IL
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Chicago

I work for a nursing home and I do activities there and I really like my patients, I will do anything for my patient, before my grandmother died I helped my mom with taking care of her and just doing all that I could for her , and she died 6 months after having breast cancer .

Debra T.

From: Mesa, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of the East Valley

I have been working for Synergy HomeCare for over two years. I am very happy with the agency as they are very aware of their clients needs and try to match the most qualified caregivers with their clients.

Maria B.

From: Gilbert, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of the East Valley

Since the very first day I began to work for Synergy HomeCare, I have been very impressed with the company. First of all, the attention and consideration they give to their clients is magnificent. It makes me very proud to belong to this company. It had been my experience that the people in charge do everything they can to help both the clients and caregivers to carry out the mission of continuing care for those who need it. They are considerate, cooperative, understanding and responsible. You can’t ask for more then that. I appreciate the opportunity to become a Synergy HomeCare caregiver and I am proud to be a part of the team. Thanks Synergy HomeCare!

Denise A

From: Tucson, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

Synergy of Tucson is wonderful to work for and is very supportive of its employees. They are always asking how to better our work environment and the staff as well as the owners are very polite and assist in any way possible. I highly recommend working for Synergy HomeCare to further your career. The clients we care for receive compassionate and life enriching care to fit their daily needs specifically designed to fit their care plans. Our Caregiver staff is highly trained and we receive regular training to further the knowledge needed to provide quality care. I give Synergy HomeCare an A+ in all areas and love working for them.


From: Tucson, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

I love working with them because of the way they are on top of things with clients. They won't let you down in any way. They are open to anything.


From: Chelsea, MI
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Michigan

Having worked in the health care field for many years, I was immediately impressed by the quality of care provided by Synergy Home Care based out of Chelsea, Michigan. I have always insisted on working for companies that only provide the best in their field - Synergy Home Care is that company for Home Health Care.


From: North Sioux City, IA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Sioux City

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all members of the SYNERGY team, Kim, Amy, Mardi and all caregivers who have helped me in caring for my mother. Your flexibility, understanding, compassion, and ability to work professionally enhances the quality of life for those you touch. Thanks for all you continue to do.

Lisa K.

From: Conroe, Texas
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Conroe

I needed flexible hours in order to earn my degree from college. Synergy was my answer! I can schedule work and school and still have time for my family. I've met some wonderful people and have one of the best supervisors I've ever worked for!

Christina F.

From: Dayton, TX
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Conroe

I have been working for home health care for about 2 1/2 years now, I am so privledged to have the clients I have they are amazing ppl that I enjoy helping. synergy gives me the oppertunity to help ppl that appreciate everything our company does and i feel privledge to be a part of that team! I work the hours that i am assigned and still have time for my family i really enjoy my job with synergy


From: Houston, Texas
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Houston

The company is great. My lady, Rosa, is fiesty and wants to do everything, but had to start accepting some help. The people who hire us want to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. Synergy and I help give them a chance to do that for awhie.


From: Tucson, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

SYNERGY HomeCare responds promptly to communication, provides accurate information about the patient, and deals professionally with our staff. We appreciate that they seek our feedback.

Diane D.

From: Tucson, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

I would like to say that SYNERGY HomeCare is the best! The reason I can say that is because I know. I have been in Tucson all my life and worked with many companies but never worked with such nice professional people. They are what quality is about. I work for a medicare certified home health company so when I call for private duty coverage on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm, SYNERGY HomeCare has been there in no time flat to assist in a seamless discharge to get the patient home safely, and has always given high quality care to all of their clients. I never question their ability to provide the best possible fit for the client to caregiver. I personally utilized their services in the past, when I injured my knee, to have them tidy my house. They sent a very nice young lady that did a great job. She was in nursing school. I would tell anyone looking for a non-medical company to call them for professional quality care in a loving way.

Bonnie K.

From: Tucson, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

I have been working with SYNERGY HomeCare here in Tucson, Arizona for the past 1 1/2 years. They are my preferred agency for caregivers and I have sent them numerous referrals. Clients have been well cared for and have all been 100% satisfied with their caregivers and the services from SYNERGY HomeCare. They take a personal interest in every client and go above and beyond in so many ways. I can't count the number of times I've called to request 24 hour caregivers and they have been so responsive and able to fill within a few hours. This service is so vital to those who wish to remain in their own homes and have no family or caregivers and can no longer be safe home alone, or can no longer take care of themselves at home. They are extremely professional and treat all their clients with the utmost respect (even those who are not so easy to work with at times due to high intensity situations). They are willing to work individually with patients and family and meet their particular needs. I would not be able to serve my patients as effectively without them and their great work!

Marcia O.

From: New York, NY
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

I want to thank the staff at SYNERGY HomeCare for the amazing job they have done taking care of not only my Mother, by my Dad, and my 6 brothers and sisters. First, Lori came in at 2 am to help a personal care giver the first night on duty because my mother was very ill and unstable. In July and August, the monsoon season in Tucson, Arizona has been horrendous. Lori dropped by to check up on our family when the electricity was out and when the flood waters were up to the door. Lori stayed until a relief person arrived and everything was under control. Debbie, along with Lori, literally saved our Mother's life the first night on the job. Both Debbie and Crystal, are sharp, caring and gentle with our 90 year old mother and 86 year old Dad while managing the many different personalities in our large family. I feel very comfortable living in New York City while SYNERGY HomeCare provides the care in Tucson. Thank you for providing such comfort to our family during this very difficult time.

Joan D.

From: Tucson, AZ
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare of Tucson

Professional, skilled, and reliable are three words that best describe the staff of SYNERGY HomeCare. I am always impressed with the professionalism and client knowledge of all their staff. Ongoing training and competency testing assure their clients of skilled members to meet their needs. But most importantly, the reliability. Without being reliable, all the skills and professionalism would be worthless! This is the number one reason I always choose to refer clients to SYNERGY HomeCare. I highly recommend Synergy HomeCare to meet the needs of the clients without the stress that might otherwise be involved.


From: Long Beach, CA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare Long Beach

I am very grateful to SYNERGY HomeCare for the home care services provided. My dad was able to improve his quality of life immensely, thanks to the caregivers you provided. Thank you for providing excellent home care for my dad. I highly recommend SYNERGY HomeCare for quality caregivers, personal attention and support. Sincerely, Nancy


From: Los Alamitos, CA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare Long Beach

Dear Brett, We employed Bernadette full time as a caregiver for a few brief weeks in August. During this time, Bernadette's home making care was excellent and performed in such a way as to almost go unnoticed. She anticipated our requirments before we were aware of the need. Her personal/attendant care was invaluable as we struggled to keep medication schedules on track during hospice shift changes, all while family and friends were arriving and departing at a frantic pace. Her care and worry for my wife's comfort were self-evident. Her kind, supporting and encouraging words were shared appropriately and very much appreciated. Bernadette was thoughtful, friendly, and welcoming, yet remained professional at all times. She helped our family through this most difficult time, and for that we are most grateful.


From: Long Beach, CA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare Long Beach

To Everyone at SYNERGY, Thank you for your help and kindness. The staff and caregivers at SYNERGY were wonderful to my mom and me during a very rough time. Rasheedah our caregiver was amazing and mom just loved her! I'll always remember your support and thoughtfulness. Mary


From: Long Beach, CA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare Long Beach

Recently a long time client needed to change her full time caregiver. After interviewing several companies,we elected to retain Synergy HomeCare. The company has been professional, caring and dependable. Synergy has made recommendations and improvments in the home to reduce safety concerns and they have taken the time to find out what makes my client happy. They provide and participate with her in daily activities, including exercise, trips to the library or pet store, and walks on the pier all of what she enjoys. I would recommend Synergy HomeCare to persons who are looking to retain caregivers. They are given national background checks and are bonded against theft. The communication and follow up from their office has been excellent to insure the clients best interests are being met.


From: Norwalk, CA
Care Provided By: Synergy HomeCare Long Beach

My deepest gratitude for your loving care and support. The Lord provided the best caregivers I could have hoped for Thank you for being there for both of us. God Bless you, Diane.