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Weekday Health Appointments Package

Weekday Health Appointments Package.

For many seniors, frequent trips to the doctor’s office and pharmacy are a normal part of life. When your loved one can no longer drive or make healthcare decisions on their own, they often depend on you to take them to these essential appointments. But what happens when you have to work or cannot get away from other responsibilities? Our caregivers can provide attentive care as they accompany your loved one to the doctor with our Weekday Health Appointment Package.

Weekday Health Appointments Package

Don't Go To Your Doctor's Appointments & Check-ups Alone

More than just having transportation to and from your appointments, having a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver join you at your trips to the Doctor's Office or to see Specialists can help you better understand after-care and discharge instructions if needed. Our caregivers can make note of any of the doctor's orders and help you implement them at home afterwards if you include us in your broader scope of at-home care. This helps provide you a better continuum of care that can contribute to lower likelihoods of taking medications differently than prescribed, and by helping you to remember to carry out any routine activities recommended by your medical professionals.

Package Includes:

    • 3-5 hours of care
    • Help getting ready for the appointment
    • Caregiver can attend doctor visit (if you prefer)
    • Help ask questions appointed by you
    • Take notes on doctor visit
    • Pharmacy drop-off and pick-up
    • Grocery store trip (if needed for supplies)
    • Transport you back home and help you get re-settled
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To learn more about our Weekday Health Appointment Package, please contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office or call (877) 230-4851.

*Check with your local office to determine the best service plan for you. Not all packages are offered at all locations.