Expert Tips to Support Someone Living With Dementia

SYNERGY HomeCare | Dr. Macie Smith on Good Morning Arizona

Aging expert and SYNERGY HomeCare partner Dr. Macie Smith shares tips to promote your loved one’s independence and preserve their dignity when living with dementia. Watch her recent appearance on “Good Morning Arizona” to learn:

  • Early signs of dementia
  • How to help your loved one guide their own plan of care
  • Signs that professional home care assistance is needed
  • Why respite care is so valuable
  • The benefits on nonprescription home therapies to practice at home

Whether your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia, understanding the disease and identifying the right family caregiver resources and support can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 

Rest assured, SYNERGY HomeCare is here to help you navigate through uncharted waters and create peace of mind in caring for your loved one experiencing dementia or memory loss. 

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