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Surgery Recovery

Surgery Recovery.

As they recuperate following surgery, older adults may be uncomfortable and need lots of emotional support and simple everyday tasks. We're here to help with tailored care plans that allow your parent to receive the attentive care they need at an affordable price.

Whether recovering from simple outpatient surgery or coming home from the hospital after a more serious operation, SYNERGY HomeCare has caregivers that can ease the recovery. Even when the body is healing, tasks still need to be carried on around the house. Personal hygiene and quality nutrition still need to be maintained to assist a fuller recovery.

Surgery Recovery Caregiver

Our caregivers can assist with the following:

    • Hourly assistance to around-the-clock care
    • Coordination and scheduling with therapists and specialists
    • Medication reminders for treatment and prevention
    • Fall and injury prevention
    • Change in condition alerts
    • Transportation and scheduling of doctors’ appointments
    • Assistance with bathing, dressing and personal care
    • Housekeeping, meal preparation and nutrition
    • Complimentary medical alarm for continuous monitoring
    • Prescription drug pickups
    • Assistance with daily activities
    • Housekeeping, meal preparation and nutrition
    • Help with bathing, dressing and personal care


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