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As your senior parent recovers from orthopedic surgery—whether hip implants or a different shoulder, hip or elbow procedure—it’s vitally important to follow their doctor’s directions for rehabilitation carefully. The exercises for strength and range of motion must be performed on the prescribed schedule to avoid continued weakness or even loss of function.

In Home Rehabilitation Assistance

SYNERGY HomeCare Rehabilitation services are not just for seniors. If you find yourself injured and in need of help around the house while you recover, we can come in and assist you with transfers in and out of bed, personal hygiene, light housekeeping, yard work, meal preparation, and much more. We can help keep you on top of what you normally would do for yourself not to become overwhelmed with all those responsibilities and instead focus on your recovery and rehabilitation.

While our caregivers don’t provide rehab services, we assist with transportation and scheduling rehabilitation appointments. Our caregivers also can take your loved one on regular walks if needed for their recovery or offer friendly reminders to do their home rehabilitation exercises.


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