Looking for after hospital recovery care? How does in your own home sound?

Post-hospitalization Care

Post-hospitalization Care.

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Enjoy one-on-one care in your own home

Faster recovery—great for new moms, too
Whether planned or unexpected, surgery or hospitalization means that your body has gone through an experience that requires time to heal. We at SYNERGY HomeCare can be part of your recovery team. We can smooth the transition from the operating room to home or from rehab to home to ensure your recovery time is optimal.

Recovering from an illness can be a full-time job. Especially when your doctor tells you to get plenty of rest, but there are simply some things you can’t ignore. Life doesn’t always wait for you to recover fully, and if you happen to “overdo it,” your recovery may take longer than expected.

What’s the best way to recover at home?
Home care is a great prescription when recovering from an illness or surgery.  Having a caregiver allows you to concentrate on regaining your health while your caregiver helps around the house, keeping the household running efficiently. A caregiver can also help in the recovery process by creating healthy meals, timely medication reminders, and follow-up health appointments. If you or a loved one are recovering from an illness, you will recover faster when you follow your doctor’s recovery plan.

Unlike sharing a caregiver with a half dozen other recuperating patients at a rehab center or skilled nursing facility, home care provides one-on-one care. And at home, you don’t have to share a bathroom or listen to someone else snore throughout the night.

Our care team members can assist with:

  • Adapting the home environment for safety and independence

  • Collaboration with speech, occupational and physical therapists

  • Providing transportation for follow up medical appointments

  • Personal care: grooming, personal hygiene, dressing

  • Transfers, mobility, and fall reduction

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • Reminders for medication regime

  • Enhanced social activity and companionship

  • Light household tasks including laundry

We’ve got it covered for you
As professional and compassionate caregivers, you can trust your choice of SYNERGY HomeCare to have all the bases covered, especially these, which are the answers to new clients’ most frequently asked questions: 

  • Background checks. Caregivers have undergone and passed a national background check.

  • Relevant experience. SYNERGY HomeCare has some caregivers with experience caring for people struggling with the same illness or condition affecting your loved one.

  • Backup care. If the caregiver is sick or doesn’t work out, we can find a replacement quickly.

  • Communication. We have open communication, provide status reports, and are available 24/7 if you have questions or concerns.

  • Fast upgrades. If the care level or diagnosis changes, we can quickly provide a caregiver with more training.

  • Liability protection. If a caregiver is injured on the job, our insurance covers the cost.

How SYNERGY HomeCare can help

SYNERGY HomeCare agencies have firsthand experience in helping solve hand-offs and communication challenges when the patient transitions from an acute care environment to home.

SYNERGY HomeCare has a responsibility to lead by reaching out to our healthcare provider partners to help seal cracks in transitions to home. Agencies can initiate a strategic dialogue with hospital partners on home care value in helping meet hospital goals.


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