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SYNERGY HomeCare Poised For Continued Growth

Believe it or not, the rise of the home care industry dates back more than 75 years, way before there actually was a home care industry. That’s because home care is growing and maturing in step with the aging Baby Boomer population. Just as they have done at every phase of their lives, those born between 1946-1964 have redefined American life–and they are doing it again as they approach aging and retirement.

The oldest Boomers are now 77 years old, and 10,000 more turn 65 each day. In just a few short years, more than 70 million Americans will be aged 65 or over. Not only are they retiring to new locales with a desire to be near their children and grandchildren, but they have brought about the phenomenon of ‘aging-in-place’. AARP reports that nearly 90% of those aged 65+ want to remain in the comfort of their own homes as they age. This creates an ever-growing demand for home care solutions, accompanied by increased societal awareness and appreciation of caregiving.