Five Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Image of mom and daughter enjoying the holidays and discussing New Year’s resolutions around personal health and home care planning.

Every new year, people across the world seem to play a similar monologue about setting New Year’s Resolutions and goals. Some people are extremely excited and motivated to set new goals and start a new life in the new year. Others keep away from setting resolutions all together because of the fear of not completing another years’ worth of goals.

It can be very discouraging to set goals and not complete them. It keeps people from working toward a better life, a better attitude, and a happier healthier quality of life. But there ARE things you can do to help yourself set reasonable goals and reach them every new year. Here are five tips for successful goal resolution this year.  

Start Small

People are often tempted to change so much at once that they don’t actually change anything. When your goals are too drastic, you are bound to be disappointed. Start with smaller goals and work on achieving those in incremental steps throughout the year! It will be easier to reach these small milestones and you may end up meeting your entire goal during the course of the year.

Watch Your Aim

Aiming too high is another reason people fail to meet their goals. Keep your goals realistic and achievable. You cannot get a bachelor’s degree in one year – but you can complete one year of school in one year.

Create A Dream Board

It doesn’t have to be a “dream board” specifically. It could be a scrapbook or notes in your day planner. The important part is to write it down. Write down what your goals are, what your timeframe looks like for each one, and how you plan on achieving that goal. Set reminders on your phone and keep the goal alive and in front of you.

Ask For Support

Tell your family and friends. Even if you have tried before and it didn’t work. Don’t give up. Let your loved ones know that just because you tripped up before does not mean that this is not important. Ask for help remembering your goals and advice on how to accomplish them this year. Let them know that THIS YEAR is YOUR YEAR!

Reward Yourself

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little something meaningful when you meet a milestone. Do not be afraid to make yourself happy for working so hard. Pick out some rewards at the beginning of the year and have them ready to work for. It’s always easy to complete a task when you know that there is something desirable at the end!

Whether you love them or hate them, setting New Year’s Resolutions is a great way to work toward the things that you want. After you set the goals, you may, but slipping up on a goal you are working toward is so much better than never starting toward the goal. Have an amazing 2019. Follow your dreams and don’t forget to treat yourself when you do!


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