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Signs Your Mom Doesn’t Drink Enough Water

National Hydration Day marks the start of summer. It’s estimated that 75% of American adults are chronically dehydrated. A general goal for older adults is to drink enough ounces to meet the equivalent of 33% of your body weight.

Your mom weighs 180 pounds. As a result, her goal would be 59.4 ounces of water each day. This will vary depending on the humidity levels, how active she is, and what health conditions she has. Her doctor can offer the best advice on how to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration.

What should you watch for? If you’re worried about your mom being dehydrated, what should you look for? Here are the signs she’s not drinking enough water.

She Frequently Talks About Feeling Lightheaded

Your mom’s been in her garden, and she says she’s feeling lightheaded. Have her sit down and drink water. If she starts feeling better, she could be experiencing dehydration. When she works outside in her yard, it’s best to have some water with her and sip water regularly. A home care assistance provider will accompany your senior outside to ensure that lightheadedness doesn’t become a fall hazard.

Her Skin Is Dry

Your mom’s skin will dry as she ages. If you’ve noticed it’s dry and doesn’t bounce back quickly when you pinch a section, it could be a sign that she’s not hydrating enough. Are her lips dry and cracked, that’s another sign.

Start monitoring how often she’s drinking a glass of water. A general goal is a glass every two or three hours.

She’s Tired and Lacks Energy

Your mom complains of being tired. Even after a nap, she’s still not very energetic. This could be many things, but it can be a sign of dehydration. Home care assistance can monitor your senior’s energy levels and report to their doctor if increasing fluids doesn’t improve their energy levels.

She Rarely Has to Go to the Bathroom

You’ve noticed your mom is only going to the bathroom when she gets up, after lunch, and before she goes to bed. That’s not sufficient, and it’s a good sign that she’s not drinking enough. Experts feel every three or four hours is best.

When your mom urinates, she’s flushing bacteria from her kidneys and bladder. It’s important to do this to prevent the chances of a UTI.

Her Urine Is Very Dark

Urine should be a pale yellowish color. If it’s dark yellow or even brownish, that’s not normal. She needs to drink more. If it’s still dark or brownish, she needs to see her doctor, as it could be a sign her kidneys are having issues.

How Home Care Assistance Can Help

With home care assistance, your mom has a caregiver to remind her to drink a glass of water each hour. Her risk of dehydration is lowered, and you’ll have peace of mind that she’s okay, even during a heatwave. Call a home care assistance specialist to get started.


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