Easing the Workforce Re-entry

Easing the Workforce Re-entry

Job seekers can use the transition to identify new areas of passion

By Rebecca Mayer Knutsen

Landing a job after time spent parenting or caregiving can be surprisingly challenging for many job seekers. Depending on the length of the absence and the expectations of the person, opportunities may be scarce.

You may find that the job you comfortably occupied before the lapse either doesn't exist anymore or is out of your reach. You may no longer possess the skills needed to get the job done or may not be able to devote the same number of hours or level of commitment.

You are not alone. Statistics point to a fairly large population of parents who put work on hold to raise children before again testing the professional waters. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that just 63.9% of moms with kids younger than 6 years and 56.5% of moms with infants are in the workforce. Nearly 65 million caregivers in the U.S. are providing care for aging parents, spouses and adult children with disabilities. While many of these caregivers work out of necessity, about one-third stay home full time with their loved ones.

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