Experts Weigh In: I’m an Entrepreneur in my 60s+

Experts Weigh In: I'm an Entrepreneur in my 60s+

“We learned about in-home care after Pam recovered from a liver transplant. I wish I’d known about in-home care service when I was taking care of Pam. We became so passionate about making sure other people knew about the options available to them, we took our retirement savings and opened an office of our own.

The best about being an entrepreneur in your 60s is the diminished fear when approaching unfamiliar or uncharted waters. With age we felt the need to follow the old adage, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ We have far more patience now than in our youth lending itself to heightened strategic thinking and have experienced business at all levels from entry to middle management to executive level. This affords us the ability to relate to anyone at any level with a certain comfort and ease.”

- Bill Nelson, 62, Pam Nelson, 65, Owners, SYNERGY HomeCare Franchise

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