2014 News & Press Releases

Rob Dunn interviewed at LoveToKnow.com on Seniors Scams


Six Common Scams Directed at Seniors

Local Elders’ Elves Help Seniors Through Holiday Havoc


From hanging the mistletoe to searching for gift ideas on the internet, Elders’ Elves from SYNERGY HomeCare will be hard at work helping local seniors tackle their holiday to-do lists.



VetFran spotlight on Brian Walker - SYNERGY HomeCare of Memphis

Ladies fight: Women face higher risk for Alzheimer’s


Medical experts fear that the current healthcare system will cripple under the stress caring for the increasing number of people who will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Already, the statistics show that women in their 60s are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than they are to develop breast cancer.

Snow, Ice and Maybe Profit for Small Businesses


What do you do in the midst of mountains of snow? If you're like some small business owners you try to profit from it like Jim Aaberg, SYNERGY HomeCare Bloomington/Normal.

VetFran spotlight on Matt and Julie Bratsburg - SYNERGY HomeCare Omaha


From the Midwest to the Mideast and back - Matt Bratsburg and his wife Julie, who own SYNERGY HomeCare Omaha share their story with VetFran.

Heat Increases Danger for Seniors Taking Prescriptions


Please help us get the word out about this important message. Local SYNERGY HomeCare Franchise Partners are available to discuss the dangers and risks of hot weather and prescription drugs.

J. Heinlein discusses the Sandwich Generation in Westchester Magazine


Jay Heinlein, SYNERGY HomeCare of Westchester, was featured in a article in Westchester Magazine on the sandwich generation.

Doing Business the Old Fashion Way: Face to Face


Saili Gosula owner of SYNERGY HomeCare San Mateo, shares how personal connections helped grow her in-home care business with Huffington Post columnist Julie Barnes.

Heat and Medicine - A Dose of Danger for Local Seniors!


Please help us get the word out about this important message. Local SYNERGY HomeCare Franchise Partners are available to discuss the dangers and risks of hot weather and prescription drugs.

Ken Kuck's interview in Entrepreneur Magazine spotlights franchisees


SYNERGY HomeCare Franchise Partner, Ken Kuck is spotlighted on in-home care franchising in Entrepreneur Magazine interview.

"Diagnosing Dad", Doug West's article in the Leavenworth Times


Doug West is the owner and operator of SYNERGY HomeCare in Overland Park, a home care provider that's trying to raise awareness this month about the difference between depression and dementia.

Experts Weigh In: I’m an Entrepreneur in my 60s+


Franchise Partners Bob and Pam Nelson from the Greenville, SC office are featured at #11 in this article on MyCorporation.com about becoming an entrepreneur in your 60's.

Peter Tourian, CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare interviewed on TheStreet.com


Taking a vacation? If you really want to get some rest and relaxation, you'd better be taking a break from social media, too. Any time spent connecting with a smartphone, tablet or computer -- even if you're just looking at Facebook photos from a friend's birthday -- hurts your ability to recharge mentally and physically from the demands of your job. Our experts weigh in on what it really means to get away from it all.

PROVIDER SPOTLIGHT - Synergy HomeCare Recognized for Best Practices in Back-Up Care


Each quarter, the Bright Horizons® agency spotlight offers an opportunity to recognize a provider that goes above and beyond to represent Bright Horizons’ core principles. SYNERGY HomeCare received that honor this quarter.

Moms know best: In honor of Mother’s Day, SFGate checked in with Saili Gosula


Moms know best: In honor of Mother’s Day, SFGate checked in with some moms around the Bay Area and asked them to offer up their best parenting advice.

How to Find a Good Home Care Agency


ExpertBeacon article featuring Franchise Partner Tim Homer on "How to find a good home care agency".

Is Your Mom Lonely On Mother's Day?


s Your Mom Lonely On Mother’s Day? Forget the chocolates and flowers...Give the gift of companionship!

Baby Boomer Boom Imminent for Home Health Care


The growth of Synergy HomeCare of Cheyenne is the focus of a spotlight article in the Wyoming Business Report.

You may be able to stay in your house with SYNERGY HomeCare assistance


Home care assistance tips from SYNERGY HomeCare of Dayton owner, Tim Homer.

The Alzheimer’s Epidemic


“Caregiving can be an isolating and sometimes thankless role. It can take a hefty toll on a person’s emotional and physical health, and even marriages,” says Mike Luchovick, owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Pittsburgh. “We are a support system for these family caregivers. They need to know our caregivers are here to help and they don’t have to do it alone.”

Top 5 Big-City Startup Hubs for Women Entrepreneurs


In 2013, Bettina McGriggler joined the legions of women entrepreneurs in San Antonio with the launch of an in-home care franchise, Synergy HomeCare of Greater San Antonio. Check out Franchise Partner Bettina McGriggler - she explains why San Antonio is a great place for female entrepreneurs to start a business.

Under 40 Franchisees: Stephanie Allen, Synergy HomeCare


Stephanie Allen, owner and director of business development for Synergy HomeCare Southeast Texas, said her leadership revolves around clear vision and confidence in herself and her team, while allowing for the fact that she is not perfect.

Fox Business: SYNERGY HomeCare is a Hiring Company


SYNERGY HomeCare is among the top five companies hiring right now, according to Fox Business's Cheryl Stone.



Franchise Partner Jamie Canelas is featured in this NFIB article on the 3 Best Industries for Starting a Business in Raleigh.

SYNERGY HomeCare featured in Paramus Post - Local Industry Hiring


SYNERGY HomeCare continues to hire more people in Paramus, New Jersey. The Paramus Post featured us in an article titled "Local Industry Hiring, Despite Sluggish Jobs Forecast - New Job Explosion Created By Aging Population".

Yuma Sun Health Connections Spotlights SYNERGY HomeCare


Rob and Melissa Dunn, owners of the SYNERGY HomeCare location in Yuma, Arizona were featured in the publication "Yuma Sun Health Connections". In the segement "10 Minutes With", Rob and Melissa cover SYNERGY HomeCare's C.A.R.E. Team Approach, their passion for providing home care, and how in-home care can help people of all ages.

SYNERGY HomeCare listed on Franchise Business Review's Top 200 Franchises


SYNERGY HomeCare is on the Franchise Business Review's list of the Top Franchises for 2014. The list is made based on the publication's annual franchisee satisfaction awards.

Northbay Bits Features SYNERGY HomeCare


There’s no place like home! A person’s home is where they feel the most comfortable and when given the choice, practically all of us prefer the safety and comfort that being at home offers.

SYNERGY HomeCare Explains the C.A.R.E. Approach in Olympia, WA


Getting older is something most of us don’t want to acknowledge. There’s a lot to think about so not thinking can be easier. As our loved ones age, avoidance is no longer a possibility. Fortunately, SYNERGY HomeCare is there to help.

SYNERGY HomeCare Spotlighted in San Diego Newspaper


SYNERGY HomeCare owner Casey Potter was featured in U-T San Diego as a senior care expert. The article, titled "Nursing Homes, In-Home Care Offer Options for Seniors", Potter talks about home care as a beneficial option for seniors.

SYNERGY HomeCare Congratulates Home Care Pulse Winners


Congratulations to the following SYNERGY HomeCareFranchise Partners, whose offices earned recognition from Home Care Pulse!

SYNERGY HomeCare Founder and CEO Featured on Inc's Morning Ritual


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Tourian served as a deputy in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and that's where he developed an appreciation for a strict morning regimen. Every day he gets up at 5:30 a.m. and spends 30 minutes checking his email. Find out how this successful entrepreneur finishes his morning regimen!

Valentines Day with SYNERGY HomeCare Clients Married for 64 Years


Ann and John Scaduto have been married for 64 years. Tonight they will celebrate Valentine's Day at the Chinese restaurant they have enjoyed for 37 years. With a long life together, three children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild, John and Ann share their secret to a successful and ahppy marriage. (Hint: it's having a sense of humor.)

Yahoo: Questions and Answers with SYNERGY HomeCare


Find out about SYNERGY HomeCare as a great business opportunity in this interview with SYNERGY HomeCare President, Rick Basch, CFE.

SYNERGY HomeCare Helps You and Your Loved One


Thinking about the future is easy to put off because it’s always coming. At some point time catches up and the future becomes the present. Our once young parents are older. They have different capabilities and needs. Figuring out the right course of action can be difficult.

Free seminars focus on memory loss in Mount Arlington


Synergy Home Care and Mount Arlington Senior Living are co-sponsoring a series of three programs about dementia, presented by the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater New Jersey Chapter.

Second Winter Wallop Puts Local Seniors at Risk in Paramus, NJ


“Cold Weather Companions” help seniors survive the dangers of winter Extreme winter weather leaves thousands of senior citizens homebound and vulnerable. That’s why SYNERGY HomeCare, a leading national non-medical in-home care company, with an office in your area has created “Cold Weather Companions” to help seniors get the help and companionship they need this winter in Paramus, NJ

In-Home Care Provider Boosts Efforts to Help Senior Citizens During Winter


Those are just a few of the roles Rebecca Ptacek takes on for clients like 80-year-old Nina Anderson, whom Ptacek cares for each weekday through SYNERGY HomeCare, an in-home care provider.

Home Health Franchise Expands Across Southern Florida


Five years after opening a Synergy HomeCare franchise in Miami, Lucy Robello is still in the midst of strong growth.

Business Offering 'Cold Weather Companions' for Seniors in Sioux Falls


A national senior care business with an office in Sioux Falls has created a program to offer cold weather companionship to seniors.

SYNERGY HomeCare Helps Seniors in St. Louis, Missouri


In the cold weather, SYNERGY HomeCare Provides Help to Seniors in St. Louis, Missouri.

Second Winter Wallop Puts Local Seniors at Risk “Cold Weather Companions” help seniors survive the dangers of winter


A blast of mind-numbing cold air is coming, and unlike the legendary polar vortex, this dip in degrees is going to linger for a long time.

Aging Populations Creates Job Explosion


Despite the sluggish recovery from the recession and an unemployment rate that remains stubbornly stagnant, the in-home care sector is exploding, hiring locally and nationally. Providing in-home care is one of the hottest jobs in 2014. Why? More people are living longer and need more help, so they can remain in their own homes rather than go to the hospital, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

SYNERGY HomeCare in Franchising World


"The Top 8 Reasons Service Professionals Thrive as Franchise Owners" is an article by Peter Tourian that was featured in January's issue of Franchising World.

Wanted: Local In-Home Caregivers! NEW Job Explosion Created by Aging Population


Despite the sluggish recovery from the recession and an unemployment rate that remains stubbornly stagnant, the in-home care sector is exploding, hiring locally and nationally. Providing in-home care is one of the hottest jobs in 2014. Why? More people are living longer and need more help so they can remain in their own homes rather than go to the hospital, an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

Job Growth Tied to Aging Population


Jobs in the in-home health care field appears to be growing thanks to an aging population.

US Daily Review: Unique Spring Break for Local Families


The long, hard winter was especially rough on the elderly and the family members who took care of them. According to AARP, more than 65 million people provide care for a chronically ill, disabled or elderly family member. Now after being homebound thanks to one of the most relentless winters on record, family caregivers are turning to outside agencies for help in getting a Spring Break. The first day of spring starts on March 20th – not soon enough for people suffering from winter whiplash.

Nothing but a Number: What You Should Know About Age Discrimination in Hiring


Why are so many talented older workers struggling to find work? Small-business experts and employees, such as Tony Podias and Maureen Wales, weigh in.

Is it Alzheimer’s or Old Age?


As families gather for the upcoming holidays, they may notice their aging parents are more forgetful and not as sharp as they used to be. So when mom loses the car keys or dad forgets a name, is it just a sign of old age or is it a devastating disease – Alzheimer’s?