First There Was Child-Proof, Now There's Parent-Proof
 A new company helps seniors age in place

 Synergy Home Care is tapping into the "aging in 
 place" concept. So the company's Bettina
 McGriggler says they're "parent proofing"
 homes to make sure seniors aging in place
 are safe.

 "To go over different things in the home
 that may be potential for slippage or
 falls in the home," she says of their
 in home inspections.

 "And that can be from lighting, walkways,
 stairwells or even lighting that they are
 using for their senior." 

 Many seniors are resistant to moving. 

 McGriggler says there are many reasons
 why it's better to age in place. 

 "It's expensive to have the elderly in a nursing
 home or assisted living."

 The elderly often have good reasons
 for wanting to stay in their home. 

 "It's a comfort thing as well. They have
 been in their home for many years,
 they have an emotional attachment
 to it and for many their friends and neighbors
 and support systems all surround their home,"
 she says.

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