Guest Blogger: Peter Tourian, Founder and CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare 

With more and more baby boomers retiring each day, the in-home care industry continues to grow and countless franchise companies have emerged to fulfill the growing demand. Here are the five catalysts responsible for the industry’s rapid growth, making in-home senior care franchises one of the hottest franchise ownership opportunities.

Drastic Quality of Life Improvements for Seniors – Nursing homes are excellent places for seniors who need constant care and attention. However, many seniors, could easily remain in their own home where they’re happy and comfortable if an in-home care provider stops by to help with daily tasks.  

Peace of Mind for the Family – The last thing a senior wants to be is a burden to their hard working, middle-aged children. Figuring out how to care for aging parents is stressful for working children, particularly when they live far away. An in-home care provider who checks in once a day is a saving grace and provides peace of mind.

Affordable, Flexible Business Model – In recent years, the appeal of more affordable, flexible franchise opportunities has soared due to an uncertain economic environment and a desire to escape long, rigid hourly schedules. Most in-home senior care franchise ownership opportunities are among the most affordable in franchising and allow caregivers to arrange a balanced schedule that fits well with their work and personal life.

Aging Baby Boomer Population is Living Longer – As of today, there are currently 34 million seniors aged 65 or older in the US and that number is expected to double by the 2025. The long-term sustainability of the in-home senior care industry is undeniable.

An Undeniable Emotional Impact – Perhaps most importantly, this is a “feel good” business.   Families truly appreciate what an in-home senior care provider does for their aging relatives and the providers themselves enjoy the relationships they cultivate with their customers.

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