From the Home to the Road- SYNERGY HomeCare Promotes Senior Safety

From the Home to the Road- SYNERGY HomeCare Promotes Senior Safety

SYNERGY HomeCare of Cleveland Owner Leslie Selig Offers Driving Assessments to Aging Citizens

(April 19, 2012- Cleveland, OH) - SYNERGY HomeCare of Cleveland owner Leslie Selig is certified to provide driving assessments to the elderly.  These assessments, part of the Beyond Driving: With Dignity program, ensure the safety of Cleveland roads by evaluating the driving skills and perception of aging seniors.

“Beyond Driving: with Dignity” is a program by the Ohio based-organization Keeping Us Safe. The program provides seniors with driving evaluations and suggests any needed adjustments. Assessments are broken into three segments: a written test, a cognitive test, and a driving exercise. Depending on the performance on these tests, certified proctors can assure that the senior can still drive safely, or that they can continue driving with car modifications. Proctors can also recommend that seniors stop driving.

“Senior independence is very important to us at SYNERGY HomeCare”, says Selig. “Home care allows seniors to continue living in their home as they age. Driving assessments can help seniors extend their time behind the wheel.”

Driving evaluations are a structured way for seniors to gage their ability to drive. While many seniors are hesitant to hand over their keys, they realize that loss of eyesight, and a longer reaction time can impede their ability to safely maneuver their vehicle.

“Families often become concerned about their elder loved one when it comes to driving”, says Keeping Us Safe representative. “Confronting someone about driving is tough for family members and having a third party assessment from Beyond Driving: With Dignity” is a great way to take the pressure off of the situation.”

“It’s been a great experience working with seniors and their families”, says Selig. “I look forward to helping people stay independent and safe.

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