Holiday Senior Care Help Improves Family Relations; Eases Stress

The holidays can be a tough time for concerned children of the “sandwich generation”, a group of middle-aged people who care for their aging parents while raising children. The winter holidays bring families together for feasting, worship and celebration of heritage. Yet, families gathering for holiday events often face caregiving challenges and surprising health changes in senior members. SYNERGY HomeCare has short term programs to help families address these concerns.

A recent report by ComPsych® says that calls for elder care increase by 20 percent during the holiday season. This spike in activity can be attributed to two common holiday occurrences: the need for help with senior care during holiday preparation, and the realization that help is needed for elderly loved ones who live apart from their family.

SYNERGY HomeCare provides companionship and personal care for elders while assisting with event preparations and child care, alleviating stress for those caught in the middle. Holiday Care services from SYNERGY HomeCare provide respite for family caregivers while supporting the physical and emotional needs to seniors who live alone.

“Families traveling during the holidays often encounter two problems”, says SYNERGY HomeCare CEO Peter Tourian. “They may worry about a parent or grandparent who is not travelling with them and may be alone during the holidays. Another challenge occurs upon arrival at their destination, only to find that a senior loved one’s health has declined and that regular assistance is essential for their health and safety as they remain living at home.”

SYNERGY HomeCare can also make the holidays more special for non-traveling seniors. Caregivers can help with decorating, gift wrapping, card writing, shopping for gifts, and keeping up holiday traditions. The company also facilitates care for seniors while keeping their family informed of health and activities.

Family caregivers hosting the holiday gatherings face a different scene. They often find themselves balancing the care of their children and holiday preparation with the care of their senior parent. Holiday Care can provide respite through personal care of aging family members and assistance with child care. Caregivers can even help with decorating, cooking, shopping for groceries and clean-up.

“A lot of people don’t realize that they can get help just during the holidays”, says Holiday Care creator David Manbeck. “Our goal is to make the season less stressful and more joyful for every family we serve.”

More information on SYNERGY HomeCare’s Holiday Care Services can be found here.

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