Synergy HomeCare open in Vancouver

A franchise of Synergy HomeCare, a provider of in-home, non-medical care to individuals requiring daily living assistance, is now open in Vancouver. 

Vancouver resident Craig Hanley operates the franchise offering hourly, daily, weekly and around-the-clock services. Hanley, who grew up in a military household where his grandmother lived with his parents, said he experienced early in life what it takes to provide care to someone who has difficulty performing everyday tasks. 

“I was attracted to Synergy HomeCare because services of the company help folks stay at home where they are most comfortable,” said Hanley. Three categories of services are offered by Synergy HomeCare. A daily companion service provides care assistants as daily living companions who engage clients in social activities. A homemaker service provides care assistants who are daily living companions, but also handle such things as meal preparation and clean-up, light housekeeping, laundry washing and ironing, grocery shopping and errand services. Personal care assistants provide persons who take care of all of the above services, but who also provide limited physical assistance to clients who need help with wheelchairs, walkers and canes, feeding assistance, transferring to and from bed or shower, toilet use, hair combing or setting, dressing and undressing, accompaniment on doctor visits, hospital pick-ups and more. 

Synergy HomeCare services are available not just to senior citizens, but to anyone else who needs help with routine daily tasks, including injured athletes, expectant mothers, chemotherapy patients, persons recently discharged from hospitals, who need help at home, and disabled children. 

Synergy HomeCare serves both private individuals and clients from a variety of city, state and county agencies. Hanley said potential caregivers must pass an extensive background check that includes checks for felonies, incarcerations and driving violations. Caregivers must be state-certified in first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and undergo an extensive health screening that includes testing for tuberculosis. 

Caregivers will spend about 20 hours each week in a client’s home, but services can range from as little as one hour up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, said Hanley.

A growing national company with its home offices in Arizona, Synergy HomeCare expects to expand from 30 to 75 franchises nationwide by the end of 2008, and 300 locations over the next five years, said company spokesperson Jenna Nichols. 

Synergy HomeCare is located at 705 SE Chkalov Dr., Vancouver, and can be reached for information and services at 891-1506.