Home is where the healing happens

Like many people living in the 9-to-5 workforce, Nicole and Ron Greer felt cozy as cogs in someone else’s business machinery.

Risk isn’t a concern, day-to-day operations are someone else’s responsibility and the pay is steady.  But the entrepreneurial bug bit both of then when they realized there was a need for home-based health care.

“Both of us had been caregivers in our families,” Nicole said.  She remembers the day her grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer; just six months after her grandfather had passed away.

“We figured out of 10 children, 23 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, we could get a handle on it,” she said. “We sat down and made a calendar with everyone in the family covering a schedule, but after the first month life happened.  There are children and careers and it was a great emotional strain having to go there and watch her suffer.”

Had Nicole known that there were companies that could have helped; she says she would have called in a heartbeat.  Ron has also had brain cancer.  Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments touch his friends and family.  Both of these people have eased the suffering of others with their bare hands.

So Nicole and Ron shed their corporate comforts and went into business for themselves doing something that they felt passionately about when they opened Synergy HomeCare at 140 W Middle St. in Chelsea.

“Leaving a stable corporate career for the uncertainty of business ownership isn’t for everyone, but for us, the choice allowed us to launch Michigan’s first Synergy HomeCare branch,” Nicole Greer said.  “It’s also a chance for us to give people a choice other than moving sick relatives into their own homes or into a facility.  There is definitely a disconnect there.” 

The Greer’s want people to know that the third option that they provide – keeping the elderly, sick or disabled in their own homes with as much independence and dignity as possible is the best option.

Providing such care is quite a leap professionally.  Nicole was a dealer relations manager at AmeriCredit Financial.   Ron was a new care manager at Art Moehn Chevrolet Honda. 

Though we both had successful careers, we wanted to start a business that not only left us fulfilled at the end of the day, but provided a true service to the community,” Greer said.

Synergy HomeCare is a nationwide company that provides companionship, homemaking and personal care to the elderly and disabled.  The company was founded in 1999 by another entrepreneur who was the rising need for the deployment of home health cared with a rising elderly population, as well as the disabled and those recovering from illness, surgery or child birth.

It’s says right on the company website that “we take great pride in and have a great passion for the work that we do- and we only hire caregivers that have the same pride and passion that we have.”

That’s one reason why the Greer’s wanted to become franchisees.

“The paperwork was very extensive,” Nicole said.  “It’s extensive because the company is based out of Arizona and it is a state that is licensed for care-giving where Michigan is not.”

In-home care is serious work, both Greer’s agree.  Nursing credentials and various other certifications are necessary.  They even work with the Alzheimer’s Association in the Clocktower Complex to reach out to those elderly members of the community suffering from the disease.

“It’s a significant percent – age of our overall clients,” Nicole said.

The alternative would be a nursing facility for such folks, and the Greer’s are adamant about their mission.

“Our ultimate goal is to keep people in their homes,” Nicole said.  “We hope that we can service them and keep them there, but if we can’t we can at least help families network with the best caregivers available.”

The service is event used by companies and individuals to care for sick children and family members, to ease the burden placed on the sort of life that comes with a demanding high-powered career.

“No matter your situation we enjoy meeting with a family and hearing their stories, and discussing how we can help,” Nicole said.

To contact Nicole or Ron at Synergy HomeCare, call 1-734-433-3007 or for more information visit www.synergyhomecare.com