Demand for in-home care increasing

Frustrated with constant layoffs as an executive in the corporate world, Tom Despres decided to set his sights on a completely new world.

Along with his wife, Cindy, Despres used his business savvy to find success in a completely foreign industry; in-home care.  The decision has paid off, and now several people in desperate need of regular care are reaping the benefits.

Synergy HomeCare, 11479 S Pine Drive, Suite 24, began its journey this summer after Despres were sent packing for a third time because of sweeping layoffs at corporations for which he serviced as an executive.  But his 25 years of manufacturing did not leave him without some expertise.

While searching for a new franchise opportunity, Tom and Cindy Despres settled on in-home care, a booming industry because of the demand from the aging Baby Boomer population.   Their passion for helping people combined with the experience of living in other countries for the better part of the last decade prompted them to direct their focus on in-home assistance.

Although the company doest not handle medical care, it can provide critical care for disabled or senior clients.  Synergy’s qualified staff of caregivers can help with showering, laundry, cleaning dishes, housework and meal preparation.  For some, the value of such services is immeasurable.

“We will go provide companionship.  We will read to them, walk with them simple services,’ Despres said.  “For someone who is incapacitated, that service is golden, especially when they can do it in the comfort of their own home.”

Five clients have already seen how drastically their quality of life can improve with the help of a caregiver.  Synergy takes care of an ALS patient and stroke victim, and is capable of serving autistic children and seniors who want to avoid living at a nursing home.  The one-on-one care provides a level of service that often cannot be matched by senior living centers.

More than half of the 20 member staff is a certified nursing assistant or medical assistant, and all of them have received first aid certification.  Despres take s personal interest in making sure each employee does not have a criminal history or drug problem, and possesses the skills an positive attitude necessary for in-home care.

The growing demographic of retirees will only increase the need for care, and “there are not a lot of places to go in Parker or Castle Rock,” he said.  Rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, physical therapy clinics and long term care agencies are the most common referral sources, but anyone can request a complimentary needs assessment. 

Synergy offers round-the-clock in-home care to people with any condition, whether it’s immobility or a neurological disorder.

“We don’t turn anybody away,” Despres said.

The most rewarding aspect of in-home care is the appreciation shown by the customers.

“The ‘thank you’ cards and the personal handwritten notes make it al worth while,” he said.

For more information about services and costs call 303-847-4433 and click on find a location.