Company offers help with caring for loved ones

Andrea Mosher thinks of her late grandmother every time she hires an employee for her home care service. 

Mosher's grandmother lived to be 97 years old and spent much of her life living independently, until she developed an ulcer. Mosher remembers the balancing act it took to juggle jobs, family life and care for her grandmother as her health declined. 

"My brother and I were taking off work to take her to doctors' visits," Mosher said. "We had to ask, 'How do we balance this?'" 

In retrospect, Mosher realizes she could have used a home care service to help care for her ailing grandmother before she died in August. 

That experience is part of the reason she and her husband, Dana "Doc" Mosher, opened Synergy HomeCare, located at 2508 W. Davis St., Suite 203, in January. Since, the Moshers have hired a staff of about 30 employees, who serve all of Montgomery County, Kingwood, Humble and Atascocita. 
Synergy HomeCare provides non-medical home care to the elderly, recuperating or handicapped clients. 

The company offers a range of care services - from offering transportation and companionship to cooking and cleaning - on an hourly, daily, weekly or constant basis, meaning clients can call anytime to request a caregiver. 
Rates are personally designed, based on the types of services needed. Mosher said most plans fall within the $15-20 per hour range, although "it is flexible." The company offers free in-home assessments. 

Though she said the company will help anyone of any age, Mosher said most of her clients are elderly and need a little help living on their own. 

That key clientele isn't expected to change. According to the U.S. Administration on Aging, people age 65 and older currently represent 12.4 percent of the population. Analysts suggest that number will grow to 20 percent in the next 25 years. 

"With baby boomers aging, the demand for elder care is going to soar," Mosher said. Still, she added, "it's an industry lacking professional standards." 

Mosher is a veteran of a harsh industry. She worked for a real estate law firm for 20 years, foreclosing on homes of buyers who couldn't pay their mortgages. 

"I wanted to feel like I was doing something for the community, giving something back," Mosher said about the mid-career change. 

Though her husband and co-owner, Dana, continues to work full time for CenterPoint Energy, Mosher said Synergy is "something we are both extremely devoted to." 
"He is the driving force for this," she said. 

The Moshers learned about Synergy when Andrea's brother, Mike Willet, opened the first in the Houston region in 2006. Since then, a third location, in addition to the Mosher's Synergy HomeCare site in Conroe, opened in the North Houston area. 

For more information on Synergy HomeCare's services, call (936) 441-7760.