New business matches caregivers, clients

Eight years ago, when Kim Kreber’s mom was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, she decided to move back to the area. 

Watching her mother’s needs made an impact on Kreber. Such a big one, in fact, she decided to open a business to help people like her mother. 

The business is Synergy HomeCare, a company that matches caregivers with clients who need quality and compassionate care. They do not provide medical assistance. Instead, they become a sort of friend to clients in need. 

“My family is fortunate when it comes to my mom,” Kreber said. “My dad is strong and able to provide good care but I know other families aren’t so lucky. Even with all the support from our family and friends, we still use home care services for my mom to fill in the gaps.” 

Synergy provides companionship services, homemaker services, attendant care services and personal care services. 

Kreber said most clients use Synergy mainly for personal care services, which include homemaking and companionship. 

Typical hours for many clients are during the work week when spouses and children are not available. 

“It’s extremely important to have that social interaction during the day,” Kreber said. “I think this is an alternative.” 

The company is based out of Phoenix, Arizona and was started in 2001. Its goal is to offer a contract-free, hourly, daily or weekly service to seniors, the convalescing, disabled persons and anyone else who needs help with daily living activities. 

And unlike other home care providers, Synergy HomeCare does not limit its services to seniors. Anyone who needs help with routine daily tasks in order to stay at home is eligible for Synergy HomeCare services. 

Many of the caregivers are CNA certified nurses. Most range between the ages of 25 and 40. 

Kreber said the company also believes in customized care, offering a number of different packages and ways to provide service. 

Here in Dakota Dunes, Kreber has been busy matching clients and caregivers and working with the medical community. 

“I think there is a lot of opportunity to combine what I have to offer with what the medical skill care is.” 

Kreber, a USD accounting graduate, is in charge of meeting clients, establishing their needs and doing the screening, hiring and management of caregivers. 

She said the matching process is the most important part; she strives to make sure both the client and caregiver are comfortable. 

“When we provide homecare services we are entering the client’s most personal space, their home,” Kreber said. “And it is imperative that they feel at ease with the person providing their care.” 

Kreber said she is looking forward to getting Synergy off the ground here and opening other offices in the surrounding states. She and her husband are Synergy franchise operators for South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. 

“I know from my own family experience that this is a very valuable service and I feel that there is a need for providers in our area,” Kreber said. “I feel that Synergy’s HomeCare’s commitment to excellent service is sincere and this is something I can be very proud to be a part of.” 

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