Provider's Perspectives Newsletter - May 2014

Provider's Perspectives Newsletter - May 2014

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The Spring Pollen Vortex Could Be Bad News for Allergies

After surviving the polar vortex of the winter of 2013-14, the spring of 2014 is bringing with it a pollen vortex, which means bad news for seniors with allergies. 

SYNERGY HomeCare can assist older adults who suffer from allergies by determining whether it's safe for patients to venture outside and ensuring they take their allergy medicine at the right time each day

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Green Tea offers Seniors some Amazing Health Benefits

Just because your hair may be a little gray and your joints a little creaky, it doesn't mean you have to give up the activities you love later in life. Seniors enjoying their golden years sometimes require at-home senior care services to maintain the lifestyle they enjoy, but there are some other methods to ensure greater health well into the final stages of your long and prosperous life.

Green Tea  Health Benefits for Seniors


Mentally Challenging Jobs Keep Brain Sharp After Retirement

People who had mentally challenging jobs when they were part of the work force have a lower chance of suffering mental decline wile on the job and after retiring, according to a study rently published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.



What are the Different Types of Meditation?

As part of an overall health and wellness plan, senior care services can incorporate meditation practices to help older adults ease anxiety, depression and pain, which can be the result of suffering carious medical conditions. Meditation connects the mind and body and allows practitioners to focus on the present moment, slowing breathing and heart rate to find a more relaxed state.



Staying Active Could Help Seniors Avoid Disabilities

As the body ages, it can be difficult to continue living an active lifestyle you may have known in your youth. At-home senior care services  can help ensure that you are performing the proper amount of activities on a daily basis, even if they aren't strenuous exercises or sports.