SYNERGY HomeCare Arms Around Family Caregivers Newsletter - February 2014

Arms Around Family Caregivers Newsletter - February 2014

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2 Ways to Adjust to a New Caregiver

As with any relationship, the one that you or your loved one has with their in-home senior care professional may take time to develop. Because there will likely be an adjustment period, here are a few ways to ease that transition.

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Winter Falls Can Cause Hand Injuries

When snow and ice make everything slick in winter, the chances of slipping are even higher. Unfortunately, the risk of falling increases as people age. It's normal for people to reach out their hands in order to prevent a fall or catch themselves as they go down, but this could lead to hand and wrist injuries with long recoveries.

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Risk of Stroke Can Be Increased By Anxiety

Anxiety can negatively affect many aspects of health, and a new study from the journal "Stroke" found that men and women who experience anxiety could have a higher risk of suffering a stroke. An expert says, "Assessment and treatment of anxiety has the potential to not only improve overall quality of life, but may also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, later in life.

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Feel Full Faster By Eating Slower

People dine at different paces, but a recent study shows that eating slower can be a healthier habit. The "Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics" says that eating slower can help people consume fewer calories and feel full faster. It can also increase energy.

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How Can Our Caregivers Help You?

Whether you have a caregiver or are looking for in-home care, you may wonder about what your caregiver can do for you. SYNERGY HomeCare takes pride in having compassionate, adept caregivers that can provide a variety of services, including.

  • Light housekeeping
  • Help with morning and evening routines
  • Mealtime assistance
  • Hygiene help
  • Transportation
  • Fall prevention
  • Medication reminders

Do you need help with any of these tasks? Contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office to find out more!