Arms Around Family Caregivers - August 2013

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Care After Hip Replacement

In-home senior care can help your loved one in times of need, especially after hip replacement surgery. Before the recovery process can begin, make sure you both know what to expect. Senior care services can help your loved one have a smoother transition to life at home with meal preparation and help with mobility.

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Orthopedic Recovery Care
Creating a Caregiving Team

Amy Goyer, AARP's home and family expert, is a caregiver to her parents. There was a point in time when she needed to develop a caregiving team. Trying to care for her parents kept her from taking care of herself, so she made a list of everyone who helps her so she could support her parents.

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Caregiving Team
How the Affordable Care Act Can Benefit Seniors

President Obama's Affordable Care Act goes into effect January 1, 2014. The law will expand health care benefits to the 55 million Americans without health coverage. It also increases benefits for those who are underinsured, including seniors. 

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What If?

What if mom falls and there's no one there? What if dad forgets to take his medication? Sometimes the next member of your caregiving team needs to be a SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver. Learn more from our latest videos on YouTube!

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Keep it Simple SS

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Play It Safe This Summer

Summer vacations are a great time to visit senior family members who live far away. You may have already been to see your elder relative or you may be planning your trip, and it is important to know the signs that they may need a little bit of help with activities of daily living.

Download the "Play it Safe" ebook to familiarize yourself with the indications that your loved one may need in-home care. If you are worried about their reaction to the subject of home care, you can also download the "We Need to Talk" ebook, which guides you through the process of approaching this topic with the senior in your life.

Do you have questions about home care? Contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare office.

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