Staying Happy, Safe and Healthy in 2012

January is the month where people adopt new trends and resolve to (once again) be healthier. In fact, a list of popular New Year's resolutions published by lists six of thirteen resolutions that relate directly to well being. People want to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, stop smoking, curb alcohol consumption, and manage stress. As we look forward to 2012, there are a few things that will stick around past January and continue to become popular in years to come. Organic foods take up more space in the grocery store, gaming systems double as personal trainers, and home care is increasingly popular among seniors, baby boomers and retirees.



Industry Outlook

Dementia Patients More Likely to Be Hospitalized
Dementia was associated with higher hospitalization rates in patients 65 and older and many of the admissions were preventable with better outpatient care, a longitudinal study found.

Labor Law Changes Threatens America's Seniors
A disaster looms on the horizon for the home care industry, its workers, and for the seniors and disabled adults and their families who rely on affordable, quality home care to remain independent.

New Approach To Nursing Education
A redesigning of the four-semester B.S.N. curriculum at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Nursing gives students the chance to "live like a nurse.

Red Wine Researcher Flagged for Fake Data
A University of Connecticut researcher known for his work on the benefits of red wine to heart health falsified his data in more than 100 instances, and nearly a dozen scientific journals are being warned of the potential problems after publishing his studies in recent years.


Your Thoughts for the New Year

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we strive to provide our clients, caregivers and referral sources with the dignity and respect they deserve. We want to keep an open dialogue with everyone we work with.

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5 Long-Distance Caregiving Tips

Long distance caregiving may include providing emotional support, daily phone calls to 'check in', interpreting medical results and information, coordinating household assistance, monitoring finances and assessing for any changes in mental state or over-all activities of daily living.

There are 5 key steps that can be taken to assist us in being effective in long-distance caregiving.