Honoring the "Veterans" of 9/11

For our newest franchise owner Jay Portadin in Bordentown, New Jersey, the anniversary of 9/11 is very personal. Jay is a retired NYPD officer and was one of the first responders to the emergency calls from the World Trade Center and an eyewitness to the events at Ground Zero ten years ago. Jay is also an example of brave acts of our nation's law enforcement officers and veterans.



Industry Outlook

9/11 Left Permanent Scars on the American Psyche
The bombing of Pearl Harbor still packs a psychological punch for many Americans, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy continues to reverberate, and the terrorist attacks of September 11th has inflicted a new sort of trauma on the American people.

Nurses Share the Lessons Learned From 9/11
Ten years ago, 9/11 took a terrible toll on America's sense of security. To increase citizen safety, many changes were made to the workforce to accommodate - hospitals and other healthcare facilities found it necessary to create jobs geared toward emergency management and preparedness.

A Big Risk in the Health Care Handoff
Care transitions - those times when someone enters a hospital, transfers from one department to another, gets discharged to a rehabilitation center or goes home - are risky times. Health care professionals have long known that these handoffs provide prime opportunities for mistakes, most often because of communication lapses.

Current Healthcare Costs Can't be Maintained
Current U.S. healthcare costs are unsustainably high for the relative value being provided - particularly for low-income individuals.

Does Your Child Have a School Nurse?
School nurses are disappearing. This means nurses still on staff are handling bigger caseloads while students' medical needs are becoming more complex and educators are now the ones doling out daily medication.


The Nurses of 9/11

On Sunday, September 11th, we remembered the events of that tragic day and honored the first responders who 10 years ago bravely kept their promise to run in when others run out even though for many of them, they made the ultimate sacrifice. But the efforts of nurses, emergency medical technicians and other medical professionals who were present that day are often overlooked and SYNERGY HomeCare wants to honor these men and women.

The nurses and EMTs at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania should never be forgotten. As a nurse or medical professional, what did September 11, 2001 mean to you?

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How to Talk About 9/11, with Your Grandkids

With the tenth anniversary of September 11 passing last Sunday, media coverage of the tragedy has been virtually inescapable, even for kids. Many of your grandchildren weren't around 10 years ago, and may be too young to understand the circumstances or consequences of the attacks. But they will have questions, and it's important to know how to reply in a way that allows you both to walk away from the conversation feeling satisfied.