Cancer is Beatable

Peter Tourian
CEO and Founder, SYNERGY HomeCare

Recently, a member of the SYNERGY HomeCare corporate team shared an inspiring story with me. When she was in high school, a close friend of hers was rushed to the hospital for an acute asthma attack, only to be diagnosed with lymphoma. Upon further investigation, the doctors found a tumor the size of a softball sitting on her friend's lung. As Kate spent time with her friend, she was surprised to find that her friend was extremely social and active for a person undergoing cancer therapy, even reaching out to others to teach and uplift. Kate's friend left cancer behind years ago, and went on to achieve world class recognition in skeet shooting, thus earning full-ride scholarships for her Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Cancer is beatable. But no one should ever have to battle this disease alone.



Industry Outlook

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