Quality of Life at End of Life

Peter Tourian, Founder and CEO SYNERGY HomeCare

In the healthcare arena, one of the most conflicted subjects is the issue of care at the end of life. From life support to life expectancy, patients and families alike are part of life and death decisions. A 2008 report from the Hospice Association of America shows that across the US population, more people of every race, age and condition are choosing hospice and palliative care services over ongoing hospital treatments. Hospice services allow people to have peace instead of pain and most importantly, their home environment instead of a hospital facility. While it is physically and emotionally difficult, the end of life is a natural part of being human. When hospice is supplemented by home care, you have an additional source of comfort and support.



Industry Outlook

Health Law Survives Test in Court of Appeals
A federal appeals court in Washington upheld the Obama administration's health care law on Tuesday in a decision written by a prominent conservative jurist.

Autistic Children May Have Too Many Brain Cells
The brains of autistic children have far more neurons in the prefrontal cortex than the brains of kids without autism, finds a new study that could advance research into the disorder.

Seniors Should Take the Time to Research Their Social Security Payments and Healthcare Premiums
Starting at the end of December, millions of Social Security recipients will start to see higher payments due to the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase. On average, recipients will receive an increase of $39 a month.

Nurse Safety and Patient Safety are Linked
A safe working environment for nurses is also a safe environment for the patients in their care, U.S. researchers found.


2011 Pillar of Strength Award Winner

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What is Hospice?

You just received the devastating news that your loved one has a chronic, debilitating non-curable disease and the doctor is prepared to certify that they have a limited life expectancy. What are your options?