A Commitment to Care

Peter Tourian, Found and CEO SYNERGY HomeCare

Hello Friends and Families,

On behalf of SYNERGY HomeCare, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. One unique aspect of the holidays that always sticks out to me is that people focus on general goodwill toward everyone in need rather than a specific cause. Grocery shoppers contribute coins to the Salvation Army, organizations adopt families and people volunteer at homeless shelters and nursing homes. With this general feeling of goodwill, this is a great time to turn our thoughts toward people with disabilities and their family caregivers.



Industry Outlook

Night Shift Work May Raise Diabetes Risk
Women whose jobs require them to rotate through day and night shifts may be increasing their diabetes risk, especially if they maintain that schedule over a long period of time, a new study of nurses suggests.

Work Needed in Pain Control of Elderly
Educating prescribers about the 2009 American Geriatric Society's treatment guidelines for persistent pain led to limited improvements in choice of drug therapy, but more appropriate pain assessment, a researcher reported.

Reusing Pacemakers From Deceased Donors is Safe and Effective
Many heart patients in India are too poor to afford pacemakers. But a study has found that removing pacemakers from deceased Americans, resterilizing the devices and implanting them in Indian patients "is very safe and effective."

Kaiser Permanente Wins Four eHealthcare Leadership Awards
Kaiser Permanente recently received one of the first eHealthcare Organizational Commitment awards for its use of the Internet and technology to support its commitment to total health.


Pillars of Strength

Please congratulate our 2011 Pillar of Strength Award winners.

Grand Prize Winner

Lisa Gufford

Honorary Winners

Brian Oshiro
Candice Gorman
Kimberly Oster
Gracie Kelly


Future Planning for Persons with Dementia

The time will come when your loved one can no longer make sound decisions. So it's best to plan now for the future. Talk with your loved one about legal and financial matters. You should also discuss the types of care he or she wants. Settling these issues now can help reassure both of you.