Providers Perspectives December 2011 Newsletter


On behalf of SYNERGY HomeCare, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. One unique aspect of the holidays that always sticks out to me is that people focus on general goodwill toward everyone in need rather than a specific cause. Grocery shoppers contribute coins to the Salvation Army, organizations adopt families and people volunteer at homeless shelters and nursing homes. With this general feeling of goodwill, this is a great time to turn our thoughts toward people with disabilities and their family caregivers.

Providers Perspectives November 2011 Newsletter


In the healthcare arena, one of the most conflicted subjects is the issue of care at the end of life. From life support to life expectancy, patients and families alike are part of life and death decisions. A 2008 report from the Hospice Association of America shows that across the US population, more people of every race, age and condition are choosing hospice and palliative care services over ongoing hospital treatments. Hospice services allow people to have peace instead of pain and most importantly, their home environment instead of a hospital facility. While it is physically and emotionally difficult, the end of life is a natural part of being human. When hospice is supplemented by home care, you have an additional source of comfort and support.

Providers Perspectives October 2011 Newsletter


Recently, a member of the SYNERGY HomeCare corporate team shared an inspiring story with me. When she was in high school, a close friend of hers was rushed to the hospital for an acute asthma attack, only to be diagnosed with lymphoma. Upon further investigation, the doctors found a tumor the size of a softball sitting on her friend's lung. As Kate spent time with her friend, she was surprised to find that her friend was extremely social and active for a person undergoing cancer therapy, even reaching out to others to teach and uplift. Kate's friend left cancer behind years ago, and went on to achieve world class recognition in skeet shooting, thus earning full-ride scholarships for her Bachelors and Masters degrees.

Providers Perspectives: September 2011 Newsletter


For our newest franchise owner Jay Portadin in Bordentown, New Jersey, the anniversary of 9/11 is very personal. Jay is a retired NYPD officer and was one of the first responders to the emergency calls from the World Trade Center and an eyewitness to the events at Ground Zero ten years ago. Jay is also an example of brave acts of our nation’s law enforcement officers and veterans.

Providers Perspectives: May 2011 Newsletter


The families we serve know the round-the-clock nature of caregiving, especially for loved ones with long-term disability after stroke. For stroke patients and family caregivers alike, it is important to look forward and celebrate milestones in the rehabilitation process.

Providers Perspectives: April 2011 Newsletter


For the many people with Parkinson's disease and their caregivers, daily activities can be a challenge. No matter how hopeful you are for the future, your day-by-day approach to life with this disease affects your outlook and your health. The best medicine is often a personal strategy to overcome the obstacles we face each day and become active participants in our everyday life.