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Why Wait Till Fall?

Hello friends and families. How surprised would you be to hear that there's an epidemic among the elderly that is the number one cause of injury and injury related death that could easily be put in check? According to the CDC, "about 1.8 million people 65 and older were treated in emergency departments for nonfatal injuries from falls", "more than 433,000 were hospitalized", "15,800 died from injuries related to unintentional falls" and these numbers are for 2005. The CDC estimates the annual cost of fall related injuries will reach $54.9 billion by 2020.

At Synergy HomeCare, we have made it our responsibility to bring this issue to light and address it by offering education, support and preventative measures to minimize falls. The regularity and severity of elderly falls are especially unfortunate when one considers the inexpensive, common sense measures that can be taken to prevent many fall related injuries. There are many obstacles facing the elderly and their families, the fear of falling should not be one of them.

Addressing this epidemic head on by incorporating fall prevention as part of a normal healthy senior lifestyle should be a major priority for the home care industry. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) reports that by September 2010 seven US states will have enacted legislation that creates and funds fall prevention programs, and several other states plan to adopt similar programs by the end of the year. Synergy HomeCare has taken a stance on this problem by pledging to offer all the resources we can to the elderly, their families and friends, to create safe, fall-free environments.

As you age, falling becomes a more serious problem with increasingly poor outcomes, but falls should not be seen as an issue that only the elderly have to deal with. Fall prevention should be considered part of a healthy lifestyle; the habits you develop now will reduce the dangers of falling as you age. There are a number of preemptive measures you can take to reduce your current and future risk from falls. For example, regular exercise, a balanced diet, frequent medical and vision check-ups and sensible footwear are all vital elements of fall prevention. Healthy habits today lead to a more fulfilling, safer tomorrow, and we strongly believe it's never too early to start!

Synergy HomeCare remains at the forefront of this issue by ensuring our caregivers have the knowledge, expertise and passion to serve communities and make certain our seniors are educated and prepared. Even with precautionary measures and education, falls will occur. At Synergy HomeCare we know emergencies can happen which is why we offer additional services and resources like our complimentary medical alert system. The goal is that you'll never have to use it, but we know that one of the best ways we can support your independence is to provide you and your family with simple peace of mind.


Peter Tourian
Founder and CEO Synergy HomeCare

P.S. I've enjoyed and find myself looking forward to all of the feedback I receive in response to these messages. I'm now excited to invite you to leave your comments on the Official Synergy HomeCare Blog where you can find this message and all of my previous messages.


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Resources For Family Caregivers

Falling is a serious problem for aging adults and is the leading cause of injury and injury-related death among the elderly. Fall prevention awareness is a simple, yet critical subject that should be thought about in terms of a healthy lifestyle, not just a checklist. The following reference materials cover a range of fall-related topics including valuable information on preventing falls, a fall fact sheet, and preventative safety tips.

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Falls Among Older Adults – Fact Sheets
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