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Hello friends and families. The days of summer are just around the corner, and we can once again dust off the barbeque and gather with those who matter most to us. As Memorial Day draws near, we remember those who have fallen in sacrifice for our great country, as well as all those veterans who we are fortunate to still have with us. It really is a spectacular time of year, reminding us how every moment, and every loved one, truly matter.

With that being said, I'd like to take a moment to reach out and offer my humble thanks to the veterans who have selflessly protected us and our nation. The three pillars of Synergy HomeCare are symbols of what matters most to my company and every one of my employees; they are Quality, Compassion, and Care, and they are the cornerstones of what we strive to offer every day. As I take this moment to honor our nation's heroes, our veterans, I'd like to remind you that we at Synergy HomeCare are proud to work with VA nationwide, to offer the best possible care for those who have served our nation. These days, that isn't limited to our senior citizen veterans. With modern medicine and increased technology, wounds that used to be fatal on the battlefield are now treatable. Lives are saved, but futures are changed. And that is one of many reasons that Synergy HomeCare is here to help.

My commitment to veterans comes in part from a memorable meeting several years ago with former Senator Bob Dole. At the time I was facing the many challenges that come with starting a new business; particularly because this was not just any venture, but a company that meant something to me and my clients, Synergy HomeCare. That day, Senator Dole was a presenter at a home care industry meeting. As a veteran who had overcome devastating injuries himself, he was a strong advocate of home care. Amazingly enough, Senator Dole and I had a personal connection, and he was kind enough to share his time, advice and encouragement with me. I am tremendously grateful for that day. Senator Dole was not the inspiration for Synergy HomeCare, but an unquestionable influence for me to press on to help those in need.

Now I am reaching out and wish to influence you. It is my great hope that you'll look around, at your community. Look at our nation's soldiers, both active and veteran, and ask yourself what you can do for them. There was a quote I was recently moved by from a member of our military, "There is a group of people far more deserving of recognition than us soldiers. It is the military spouse. My wife is [at home] taking care of my two beautiful daughters. Please, someone give her some support." Please reach out and offer quality, compassion and care to all of these deserving individuals and groups. And know that at Synergy HomeCare, we will be doing the same.


Peter Tourian
Founder and CEO Synergy HomeCare


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Every man and woman who has served this great nation by serving in the United States military deserves our thanks and our respect. From World War I to the War on Terror, these men and women come home with injuries and disabilities that may require temporary or long term care. Synergy HomeCare would like to thank these brave individuals and offer them and their families these resources which may be of assistance in helping to secure the care they need.

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Congratulations to all of the Synergy HomeCare locations that opened in April, 2010

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