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Keeping Good Company

Hello Friends and Family,

The memories of holidays past are warm reminders of the importance of family. As we gather around the fireside, many of us cherish the quality time we spend with loved ones. When we are among our close kin, we often forget that many people, oftentimes seniors, are spending the holidays alone.

Whether unable to travel to see family or missing loved ones, many seniors experience feelings of loneliness and depression during the winter holidays. Loneliness has a tendency to pervade emotions and affect physical health. Though no doctor can diagnose loneliness, they can see the signs associated with it such as depression, increased heart rate and weaker immune system. Though there are claims that loneliness is an epidemic among seniors, I disagree.

From time to time, we all feel lonely. With the help of a friend or a trusted caregiver, any mounting pre-holiday loneliness can be abated. Because loneliness is so common among seniors, Synergy HomeCare offers companionship as one of its core services. With the presence of a friend or a trusted caregiver, loneliness can be abated as seniors experience the joy of winter festivities. Caregivers at Synergy HomeCare seek to create and maintain meaningful relationships with those for whom they care.

No one should have to spend the holidays alone. Whether you are a professional caregiver, or look after your senior neighbor, you can make the holidays special for a senior in need. I encourage everyone to take time to celebrate the holidays with at least one senior. Sharing your goodwill with others is the best gift you can give.


Peter Tourian
CEO and Founder SYNERGY HomeCare

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Resources For Family Caregivers

It is easy to feel alone when you live far from your family. What most people don't realize is that your mental and physical health can be adversely affected by these feelings. It is important to involve yourself in social activities to help break away from the feelings of loneliness.

Be sure to share these resources with anyone who might find these resources valuable this holiday season. For more resources, be sure to visit our website.

Pet Therapy
Pet therapy is a popular method of mild therapy for seniors, and the documented benefits of interaction with animals are physical, mental and emotional.
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Emotional and Mental Vitality
Emotional and mental vitality are closely tied to physical vitality-just as your mind has powerful effects on your body, so your physical state affects how you feel and think. Social contact can also make a big difference in how you feel.
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Adopt-a-Veteran Program
If you've ever been hospitalized, you know the loneliness and depression you can experience. Think how tough it must be for hospitalized veterans, especially those who are far from home or have no family. With that thought in mind, George Schwarz of Clawson-Troy, Michigan, Lodge devised a simple yet effective solution in 1980: the Adopt-a-Veteran program.
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10 Tips to Being Alone But Not Lonely During The Holidays
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