Message From Our CEO

Hello friends and family, I hope you are doing well. I am excited to tell you about the great things happening with Synergy HomeCare. As an industry leader in home care, we continue to push forward in enhancing the lives of you and your family, our employees, and the many healthcare professionals we are fortunate to work with.

Did you know that there are 43.5 million family caregivers in the United States alone, and with the aging Baby Boomer generation, that number is growing rapidly. A staggering 55% of those caregivers are balancing work and family while caring for a family member, and 53% report a  moderate to high emotional stress level. The fact is that sometimes, you need a little help.

Synergy HomeCare was founded on my vision for a company that wasn't just about short-term help with no compassion or understanding, but a home care company that understood the perspective of the family caregiver. Compassion was and still is the key to that success, and that vision from over a decade ago has come alive as the Synergy HomeCare of today.

Each and every member of our team continues to extend our vision by building a stronger Synergy HomeCare with knowledge, expertise and compassion. Our goal is to bring outstanding services to you and be a continuing resource for you.

The statistics on family caregiving are alarming, and we know that asking for help can be distressing. I want to sincerely thank you for reaching out to our nationwide team at Synergy HomeCare.


Industry News

The recently passed health care reform has long-term insurance and healthcare benefits for the elderly. Learn more about what this new bill can do for you.

A recent Connecticut-based study says shifting focus to in-home care could save states millions amidst an anticipated explosion in institutional care costs over the next 15 years.



During emergency instructions, flight attendants tell us to place the oxygen mask over our face first, then over our child's face. This is because the ability to take care of someone else often requires that you first take care of yourself. Caring for your family member means being aware of your needs as well. Learn more in these articles.

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Synergy Blog

Coming to terms with the failing health or disabilities of an elderly loved one is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges a person can face. More and more caring for the elderly is a business and not a service with a higher calling.