Synergy December Newsletter


Hello Friends and Family, The memories of holidays past are warm reminders of the importance of family. As we gather around the fireside, many of us cherish the quality time we spend with loved ones.

Synergy November Newsletter


Hello friends and families, This month, I would like to talk about a specific group of people that we feel very close to at Synergy HomeCare: family caregivers. Although family caregivers represent roughly 30% of the adult population in the United States, only a small number of these people identify themselves as family caregivers.

Synergy October Newsletter


Hello friends and families. The month of October is a special time when we enjoy the fall season and look forward to the holidays that are soon to come. As the days get shorter, the weather becomes crisper and we gear up for winter traditions, our hopes become brighter.

Synergy September Newsletter


Hello friends and families. How surprised would you be to hear that there’s an epidemic among the elderly that is the number one cause of injury and injury related death that could easily be put in check?

Synergy August Newsletter


Hello friends and families. Respite care is a valuable and vital service offered by Synergy HomeCare that offers family caregivers a much-needed break from their daily responsibilities.

Synergy July Newsletter


Hello friends and families. All of us at Synergy Homecare would like to thank you for your tremendous response to our e-newsletter. When we launched this letter, our goal was to create another Synergy innovation in home care by bringing you useful information, relevant news and expert opinion in a format you’d find convenient and enjoyable. From your many positive comments, it seems we are right on track.

Synergy June Newsletter


Hello friends and families. I’d like to take this opportunity to address a widely misunderstood topic that affects thousands of families on a daily basis; long-distance caregiving.

Synergy May Newsletter


Hello friends and families. The days of summer are just around the corner, and we can once again dust off the barbecue and gather with those who matter most to us. As Memorial Day draws near, we remember those who have fallen in sacrifice for our great country, as well as all those veterans who we are fortunate to still have with us. It really is a spectacular time of year, reminding us how every moment, and every loved one, truly matter.

Synergy April Newsletter


Hello friends and family, I hope you are doing well. I am excited to tell you about the great things happening with Synergy HomeCare.