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Extremely cold weather can make life very difficult for older citizens, especially those needing help doing simple but necessary tasks like grocery shopping. 
Simple tasks like getting from the car to the door can be treacherous. 
But one organization is helping make life easier for area seniors. 

World War 2 veteran Jim Losh gets help from a "Cold Weather Companion" 

"It's been wonderful," he said. 
"We couldn't do it without her, she's been really great," his wife Janet added. 

"It can be a great safety net to have somebody coming over on a daily basis checking, making sure the furnace is still working, windows are shut," Synergy Director of Operations Mike Jones said while meeting with the Losh's. 

About 100 local clients are using Synergy's non-medical care program. 
For caregiver Susan Newton, helping Jim is worth going out in the cold.  

"Theres some good days there's some bad days but it's been rewarding," She said. She started working with jim after a health issue meant his sweetheart Janet had to start providing full time health care herself. 

"He got the flu at Christmas and then he got pneumonia and then he got bronchitis so we're just trying to get him well," Janet said about having a caregiver around the house, "It makes me able to get away and get things done." 

So Susie stays home with Jim to help put on his shoes, get a hot lunch, and get ready for any trips outside where icy sidewalks could mean trouble. 

"Especially with Jim, with his bronchitis, it's been a little bit harder getting him out in the cold weather."

But cold weather companions are providing more than just the obvious physical help. 

"A lot of times their loved one that's taking care of them is more or less trapped in the house, so having a caregiver that can come over and entertain them, it helps lift their spirits with all the seasonal depression when they're stuck inside at winter time," Jones added.

"She laughs with me and stuff like that, we joke around a little, we have similar senses of humor," Jim laughed. 

And the extra help and laughs can sound sweet during a weary winter.