Keeping Seniors Safe in Pennsylvania

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Michelle Lisk Coverage 2.25.14

When a Clay Township senior went missing last Sunday, it took regional and state police two days to find his body. CBS21 investigates how to prevent wandering and track down seniors when they are missing.

Michelle Lisk, owner of the SYNERGY HomeCare location in Carlisle, Pennsylvania provides her expertise on how to keep seniors safe and secure at home.

Michelle Lisk with SYNERGY Homecare tells me something as simple as a door alarm to alert when a person leaves a room could have saved a life in these recent situations. When we talk about dementia and Alzheimer's, Lisk says recognition is key. Here are some warning signs Lisk provided: - Memory changes that disrupt daily life - Difficulty completing familiar tasks - Confusion with time or place Here are some things you can do to prevent dangerous situations with anyone who suffers from either dementia or Alzheimer's: - Create a routine - Ensure all basic needs are met - Reassure and calm the person if confusion occurs

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