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SEARCY, AR- Ross Carter takes us around a home to show KARK where some hidden dangers happen most for elderly people.

"I'd been looking for a way to do good in the world," said Carter. "And it came to me that helping people who couldn't help themselves is needed."

He started his Synergy Homecare with the intent to make this population safer.

"We do free home assessments, consultations, safety checks," he said.

Going onto a wet tile surface a perfect opportunity for a spill, loose bricks outside the home are another and it's happening more and more frequently.

"And to younger people all the time," said Nancy Patterson who works as a home health care worker and sees it all the time."

She knows that those who fall are up to three times more likely to fall again.

"For people who live alone getting up in age," she said. "It's important to have alert buttons that can be used in and outside the house as well. because people don't stay in the house all the time."

"We want to find a way to try and prevent or minimize the risk of falling," added Carter.

Or you can also get a home assessment, because knowing where the dangers are is half the battle of preventing it.

Some of the improvements Synergy Homecare can make to elderly individuals homes to make them safer are increasing lighting, eliminating hazards and also installing safety equipment like bars and railings.