Cold, Icy Weather Hits Seniors Especially Hard in PA

CARLISLE -- The brutal winter weather is especially hard on our area’s senior citizens. They struggle to keep their homes warm enough and even provide for themselves when the conditions worsen.

CBS 21's James Tully talked with one local company that is offering to help. Synergy Home Care is offering "cold weather companions" -- someone who can help with a seniors daily needs and do it in as little as two hours a week.

We're at the home of Leo and Ginny. They've been married for 66 years,A home care provider is on hand to prepare meals, get mail, and run errands so they don't have to drive on the ice. And Synergy says this helps prolong a healthy life, and perhaps even more importantly, keep them “happier in their own home,” Michelle Lisk, with Synergy Home Care, said.

Synergy claims that nearly half of all hypothermia death happen to people over the age of 65. Just having someone around to check in might make all the difference.

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