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BILLINGS - Cold weather and crowds make it challenging for seniors to get ready for Christmas.

A group of elves are helping with the shopping and decorating.

Synergy Homecare, a company that helps seniors, has its group of Elder Elves helping with the Christmas preparations.

Wrapping presents, helping with christmas cards, and even baking are some of the traditions seniors want to continue. Often, these tasks can be difficult.
The Elder Elves help with all that and spend time with the seniors.

"Sometimes Christmas can be a lonely time if your family's out of town," said Sherry Ross, scheduling coordinator for Synergy Homecare. "So just having that companionship there whether you want to wrap presents or not, so just having someone there to spend the holidays with is great."

"It's very nice that it's here," said Bethel Kienitz, a resident at Sweetwater Retirement Community. "So we can have access to it when we need it. It's the birthday of our savior, so it's a very important time of year."

"It's just a part of what home care is about," said Connie Begger, owner of Synergy Homecare. "And having a helper come in during the holidays just ties in together with an elf."

According to Synergy Homecare, seniors are very tech savvy with 44 percent doing their Christmas shopping online.

They also enjoy social media to keep in touch with their younger relatives.