Falls Pose Serious Danger for Seniors


Rocky Catenzaro is the owner of Synergy Homecare, and he said there are several things seniors can do to stay safe.

KTVU San Francisco Features Elders' Elves Program


KTVU News in San Francisco provided great coverage of SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves Program.

Holidays in Focus: Caregiving at Christmas


The SYNERGY HomeCare Elders' Elves program was featured in a spot called "Holidays in Focus: Caregiving at Christmas".

Elders' Elves are Spotlight of KTVU Broadcast


The Elders' Elves Program by SYNERGY HomeCare was featured on KTVU San Francisco.

Elders' Elves Take Charge


Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Negar Jahanbin, owner and managing director of Synergy HomeCare. The program provides Elders’ Elves who shop, wrap, cook, and even decorate for local seniors who can’t deck the halls like they used to.

Caregiving at Christmas


Learn about caregiving at Christmas with SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves program!

SYNERGY HomeCare Covered by Local Fox Channel


SYNERGY HomeCare was covered by the local FOX channel in Portland.

SYNERGY HomeCare Featured on Good Day Oregon


SYNERGY HomeCare was featured on Good Day Oregon.

Elders' Elves in Portland, Oregon


SYNERGY HomeCare helps Portland seniors with the Elders' Elves services.

Tom Pechar with Synergy HomeCare, and Phil Clark and Julie Lancaster with OmniStar Financial


Home Care is a second career for Tom Pechar. Prior to starting Synergy HomeCare of Wilmington he had a long and successful career in the non-profit arena, working as chief executive for professional regional theatres around the country.

SYNERGY HomeCare Featured Portland FOX Channel


SYNERGY HomeCare was featured on the local Portland, Oregon FOX channel.

SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves Program Featured on West Palm Beach News


SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves Services Were Featured on the West Palm Beach News.

Home Safe Home


Many times senior citizens do anything they can to keep their independent living arrangements as long as they can. However, as people age one of the biggest health risks comes from being alone in your home. Brian McDonald, owner of Synergy HomeCare NE Metro explained those risks. “One out of three seniors will fall any given year, and the numbers are staggering,” McDonald said. “Every 15 seconds one is admitted to an ER within the United States; every 29 minutes one dies.”

KC Forum: Winter Tips, Elves and Charity Giving


In this week’s KC Forum we cover you with driving tips from an expert, a tow truck operator.

Elders' Elves on the News in Oregon


SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves Program was featured on the news in Beaverton Oregon. Caregivers can help put up Christmas decorations and help seniors prepare for the holidays.

"Elves" Help Atlanta Seniors Decorate for the Holidays


Meet Homer Holloway, a violin-playing SYNERGY HomeCare client who now enjoys his decorated Christmas tree, courtesy of his "Elf" and caregiver, Jessica Young.

SYNERGY HomeCare Featured on Billings, Montana News


SYNERGY HomeCare is excited to be featured on the morning news on KTVQ in Billings, Montana.

KTVQ in Billings, Montana Covers SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves Program


SYNERGY HomeCare's Elders' Elves Program was featured on the local Billings, Montana CBS station.

Elves Help Seniors at Christmas


Synergy Homecare, a company that helps seniors, has its group of Elder Elves helping with the Christmas preparations.

SYNERGY HomeCare Featured on Mobile, Alabama News


SYNERGY HomeCare was recently featured on Channel 3 News in Mobile, Alabama.

Sullivan Alexander Interviews Peter Tourian


SYNERGY HomeCare Founder and CEO Peter Tourian talks about non-medical home care in segment with Sullivan Alexander.

Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus - Veterans and Franchising (1)


SYNERGY HomeCare Colorado Regional Developer Sarah Brown was featured on the Franchise Focus broadcast hosted by Rick Bisio.

SYNERGY HomeCare Featured on NBC in Beaumont, TX


SYNERGY HomeCare was featured on the NBC network in Beaumont, TX.

Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus - Veterans and Franchising


Join us for our pre-Thanksgiving edition of “Rick Bisio’s Franchise Focus” as host Rick Bisio explores the topic of veterans in franchising. In honor of veterans day, we'll be giving thanks to veterans and discussing various ways that franchising opens doors for veterans when they return home.

Keeping the Elderly Safe from Falls in Wisconsin


Franchise Partner Ruth Busalacchi in Wisconsin was recognized by her local Fox channel for going above and beyond to protect the safety of seniors in her area.

Local Company Working to Keep the Elderly Safe From Falls


Winter is right around the corner, and with it, comes snow and ice — things that can be hazardous for the elderly, who can be prone to falling incidents. A Milwaukee company is looking to help keep elderly people from falling — identifying danger zones and focusing on fall prevention awareness.

SYNERGY HomeCare on Milwaukee, WI News


SYNERGY HomeCare was featured on Fox 6 news Milwaukee.

Elderly Fall Prevention All Year Long in Little Rock, AR


Even though elderly fall prevention month just ended, safety experts say this is a matter that needs to be addressed all year long.

Conversations in Care; Passion and Purpose Guiding Care


Join host Tami Neumann in conversation with Kevin Little, Owner of SYNERGY HomeCare in Orland Park, Illinois.