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Celebrating One of Our First Caregivers

Marie Damite Prospere has been a caregiver with SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Boston longer than any of our other employees — for more than 6 years! She joined our agency in 2016 and has been in the home care field for ten years. She decided to become a caregiver because she loves  to provide care for people, especially the elderly. She considers them like her parents or grandparents. She believes that since “they used to take care of us, it’s time we take care of them.”

Marie enjoys talking with her clients. There are rarely any challenges because she’s been doing this job for so long and knows how to approach them. If something is too big to handle, she seeks advice from the office staff. She tries to do her best every day with her clients and enjoys the conversations she has with them. It’s important that she gives them choices and when they are happy, she is happy. 

She enjoys working at SYNERGY and especially likes the management team. They are very responsive and are an inspiration to her. If she ever decides to open her own agency, she will model her management skills after them, as they treat the caregivers well and their leadership skills are superb and rare. 

If someone wants to become a caregiver, Marie advises that nothing is easy with this job. “Do what you have to do with your heart and see the clients first before the money.” It’s important to treat clients the way you want other people to treat your parents or family members. Each time she visits a client, it is a special and unique experience because Marie cares for them deeply. 

We are so blessed to have Marie Damite Prospere on our care team!  It is her heart and enthusiasm that inspire other caregivers and that make our clients feel so comfortable and loved. It is a privilege to have her on our staff. Thank you for all that you do, Marie!