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Caregiver of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Judith Mbabazi has been nominated as the 2021 Caregiver of the Year by SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Boston. Judith Mbabazi is an extremely valued caregiver for our clients. Every client that she has worked with has loved her. She always makes sure that her clients feel safe and cared for and goes above and beyond for our agency including covering for other caregivers during snowstorms and staying as a live-in caregiver for 7 consecutive weeks while another caregiver was out on a medical leave (that is 7 weeks of not being with her own family)! She is committed to her role and enjoys keeping her clients comfortable and making life easier for them.

Judith knows that she has earned her client’s trust and that makes it easier to communicate with the family members. She is also very communicative with the office staff and updates us regularly on her client’s well-being. Judith earned our internal Caregiver of the Month award in Jan. 2022. During that time, she shared with us that it’s vital that her clients know that when they wake up, she will be there. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, she will be there when they open their eyes. This is trust and being there for the client. She laughs with her clients and enjoys their stories. During a recent Quality Assurance Visit, photos were taken of Judith with her client, and she made sure that the client’s hair was nicely groomed and that she was clean and presentable. Finally, Judith is dedicated to her profession. She participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s after working an overnight shift with a client and brought her family members with her for the Walk as the Alzheimer’s Association is a meaningful organization to her and her clients. Judith is a compassionate and professional caregiver and is very deserving of the Caregiver of the Year award. Way to go, Judith!