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Caregiver of the Month – Judith Mbabazi

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SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Boston is thrilled to announce that Judith Mbabazi has been awarded Caregiver of the Month. This award is given to caregivers who have gone above and beyond for their clients and who have exemplified professionalism and compassion. 

Judith Mbabazi trained to become a caregiver in 2008. She worked for one year and then entered into a related field doing community work. In 2021, she returned to caregiving because she loved seeing the clients receive the care they deserved when they needed it. 

She enjoys keeping clients comfortable and making life easier for them. The best part of her job is that she understands the clients and they trust her. It makes her happy to know that it’s because of her care that clients are able to do certain activities. When trust is built between the client and the caregiver, it is easier to communicate with the family members as well. 

Having been out of the field for a while, Judith was a bit wary when she returned. She knew that it was ok to ask for help and has regained confidence in her skills and earned her client’s trust. She has developed a special connection with her current client for whom she provides live-in care. 

On a typical day, Judith wakes up about 6:00 am, gets herself ready and then prepares breakfast for her client. She waits for her to wake up and gets her showered, dressed and groomed. After the client eats breakfast, they engage in an activity and soon it’s time to prepare lunch and dinner. Judith makes sure that the client takes her medications and doesn’t sleep too much during the day. She keeps the family members informed of the day when they visit, which is often and helps her client get ready for bed.

Judith enjoys working at SYNERGY and appreciated that they responded to her online application. She feels the company is really “there for the caregiver” and that is important. If someone wants to enter the caregiving field, Judith advises that it is important to be patient with clients and attentive to their needs. It’s important to be there and be on time. 

Judith wants to make sure that her clients know when they wake up, she will be there. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, somebody will be there when they open their eyes. This is trust. This is being there for the client.

Congratulations Judith on this well deserved honor.