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Stay Connected With Aging Parents During Quarantine

During this time of uncertainty, feeling close to the people you love is more important than ever. Sadly, many people are separated from their elderly parents while sheltering at home. Although social distancing and quarantining are some of the best ways to keep at-risk populations safe, you may not see your aging parents for some time. 

Whether they live across town or across the country, you may be worried that isolation and loneliness could start impacting your parents’ emotional health. Thankfully, there are ways to stay in touch with them, even if you can’t physically be together. Here are some of our favorite tips on connecting with aging parents during the quarantine. 

Ways to Connect with Aging Parents

1. Virtually Connect

Between Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and many other apps and platforms, there are several ways to virtually connect with your older parents. While a phone call is great, there’s something moving about seeing your loved ones’ faces. Even if your parents aren’t the most tech-savvy individuals, an on-site caregiver or someone in their community may be able to lend a helping hand so your parents can learn the finer points of video chatting. 

2. Schedule a Window Visit

If your parents find virtual communication difficult, arrange some window time. Window visits are simply a scheduled appointment where you and your parents can meet up face to face with a windowpane serving as a healthy boundary. Having you close is sure to brighten your aging parents’ days and help them feel truly loved. You can even let your little ones play outside the window so that your parents can have a front-row seat to their grandchildren’s infectious joy.

3. Care Packages

Whether you’re commemorating a special event such as your parents’ anniversary or just want to bring a smile to their faces, care packages are amazing gifts with a huge impact. You can fill your care package with:

  • Pictures of gratitude
  • Favorite Snacks
  • Toiletries they’re having trouble finding
  • Small gifts
  • Any token that shows forethought or love

4. Deliver a Favorite Meal

From home-cooked goodies to dishes from your parents’ favorite restaurant, food can fill the body and heart. Many older adults are missing out on the ability to visit local diners and eateries. So, your parents will appreciate having an eating out experience in the safety of their home.

5. Write Regular Letters

There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note in the mail. Even if you can’t send a gift, your parents will love having a sincere letter to read every few days or even once a week. If you’ve got little ones, include some artwork for your older parents to hang on their fridge.  

Home Care Assitance for Your Elderly Parents

These tips can help you stay connected with your elderly parents in social isolation. However, your loved ones may also have physical needs that must be met. In-home care from a professional caregiver will ensure your parents have help with daily tasks they may find difficult.

At SYNERGY HomeCare of Westwood, our team is available to care for the needs of your elderly loved ones living at home in the greater Boston area. We continue to take appropriate protective measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients. Contact us to learn more about our home care services.