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Tips on Growing Old in Your Home


Growing old should be fun. After years of working hard and putting others first, older parents and loved ones deserve the right to grow old in the place they call home.

Although unexpected emergencies are very real possibilities, more seniors are able to grow old in their own homes. However, it can’t be done without proper planning.  

To plan properly, evaluate the following questions:

  1. How active are you?
  2. What help do you need?  And how accessible is this help?

The first aspect to address is always safety. Not only does the home need to be considered as it is but it also needs to be examined for future use as the inhabitant ages. Certain aspects can be changed such as adding grips and devices to removing rugs. Larger concerns, such as stairs, need more thought.

Once the safety concern is resolved, other issues need to be addressed such as:

  • Planning for everyday activities from personal care to household chores and meals
  • Money Management including all banking and insurance filings
  • Healthcare issues such as medication reminders
  • Transportation to doctors’ offices, grocery stores, and social events

To address these concerns (along with where to find help and how much will it cost), click here

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