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New Year's Resolutions for Seniors

The time for New Year’s resolutions is right around the corner. Resolutions generally range from saving more money or losing weight to getting back in touch with loved ones or having more “me” time. What are some senior citizen-friendly resolutions that won’t conflict with senior care guidelines set forth by doctors and their care team?

Create Healthy Habits

Weight loss and healthy eating seem to be one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. The problem with promising to lose weight or adhere to a healthy diet is that it can be vague. To stay on track with healthy eating goals, plan meals ahead and pinpoint valuable food groups to include. Set specific goals, like including at least one fibrous vegetable (e.g., broccoli, asparagus, eggplant, etc.) with every prepared meal.

For more clear-cut exercise resolutions, set a tangible goal, such as walking at least 10 minutes every day. Make sure any fitness or nutritional resolutions do not conflict with care recommendations from the doctor. Our Synergy Home Care aides are great at assisting our clients with exercising safely, whether it’s a walk outside or leg lifts and stretches from a sitting position.

Learn to Use New Technology

Taking time to learn the ins and outs of a new piece of technology can accomplish a couple of things. First, it can challenge the brain by learning a new skill. According to The Mayo Clinic, stimulating brain function is a way to improve and retain memory. Second, the use of technology and digital communication is an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. Feel more comfortable online by creating a social media account to keep in touch with loved ones. Try out video chat on a desktop or phone for valuable “face-to-face” catch-ups with kids and grandkids.

One hesitation with digital use and social media might be a concern for safety and privacy. Make sure you create good, strong passwords and that you only allow known friends to see your social media. Even with those safeguards, always be alert of possible scams. And NEVER post private information–such as address, phone number, etc.–on a social media site. With these precautions, embrace the digital age in the new year!

Get Back In Touch With Old Friends

Learning how to use technology leads to another New Year’s resolution: making time to reconnect with loved ones. It is so easy to lose touch with someone, whether from distance or busy schedules. Technology has made the world so small that getting in touch with long-distance friends and family can be simple. Use social media to find old classmates, become email “penpals” with your grandkids, or easily plan get-togethers with nearby friends. Social media and email can make keeping in touch just a click away.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be, our team at SYNERGY HomeCare of Norwood wants to encourage happy and healthy habits for both senior and caregivers. Learn more about our home care services or call us at 781-762-1114 to learn how we can help.