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The Fear of Falling: Senior Fall Prevention

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For older adults, a fall can have devastating results, such as a hip fracture – which can snowball into a variety of further health complications. As a result, fall prevention for seniors is crucial, and the good news is, there are simple steps that family caregivers can take today to ensure their senior loved ones remain safe from a fall.  

Our senior care experts have compiled the following list of easy modifications that will help ensure each area of the home is as safe as possible for seniors:

  • Walking Areas:
    • Remove, or firmly secure with non-skid tape, all throw rugs, which are a common tripping hazard
    • Never polish or wax floors
    • Utilize contrasting colors for paint, furniture and carpets to make it easier to see surface changes
  • Lights:
    • Make it a habit to routinely replace light bulbs throughout the home when they burn out; and check to ensure there is sufficient lighting in each room and hallway
    • Add nightlights and/or motion detector lights for improved visibility where needed, and to make it easier for the senior to see at night
    • Make sure lighting and other electrical cords are tucked safely against the walls – never stretched out across walking areas
  • Bathroom:
    • Install the following fall prevention items:
      • Grab bars around the tub and beside the toilet
      • Slip-proof mats or strips in/around the bathtub
      • A liquid soap dispenser that mounts to the shower wall
      • A hand-held shower head and padded bath/shower seat
    • Keep floors clean and dry at all times
    • Store towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, etc. in easy-to-access locations

Also consider any or all of the following types of products to further help with fall prevention:

  • Alarms: If the older adult wanders, door alarms will alert family caregivers that he or she may be in danger.
  • Monitoring Systems: These are an effective means of tracking a senior’s movements in the home, and some also include the ability for the senior to call for help in the event of a fall or other emergency.
  • Bed Railings: Since many falls happen during the night as older adults move around while sleeping or get up to use the restroom or get a drink or snack, bed railings can be helpful. They prevent a senior from falling out of bed, while offering the senior something to hold onto when getting out of bed.
  • Fall Prevention Footwear: With rubber grips on the bottom to prevent slips, these are a great addition to your fall prevention toolbox, and even come in waterproof versions to wear while bathing/showering.

Not only will taking steps to prevent senior falls save them from health problems, it enables older adults to enjoy more time in the comfort of home, avoiding the hospital/rehab/home cycle.

For further fall prevention tips, or to request a complimentary consultation to learn more about our professional home care services for seniors, call on SYNERGY HomeCare, the most trusted caregivers in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We have developed a new fall risk assessment which we provide at no cost, and also offer Philips Lifeline, an auto fall detection device, provided at no cost for those who engage our services for 40 hours of care coverage per week. And for additional peace of mind, we also offer a morning and/or evening call service to check in on seniors.

It’s our goal to ensure that seniors throughout the Chicago area remain free from falls, and enjoy the highest possible quality of life with the support of our compassionate caregiving team. You can reach us any time at (773) 868-3183.